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  1. Thas how tf u supposed to squabble as men. Slim in the blue aint bitch up after gettin stole on. Other brother aint wanna embarrass him and do too much.

  2. Respect too the upmost he took his L like a gladiator alot dont even got the balls too take an asswhopin and continue fighting he a 100 in my sights?

  3. Until this day thus bitch is kissing my ass everytime he sees is my puppy … even in front of his girl I give him orders and push him around … bitch he prefer been my puppy for life than to fight back round 2 … kissing my ass all say weak boy …

  4. Bitch couldnt backup his word … I beat him severly since that they on he kiss my ass everytime he sees me .. I am his boss his daddy

  5. 2019 the year of the rematch … if you want it you can get it boy … more than happy to beat your ass again … am more stronger tone up … want a second round just ask for same place … bring your momma with you if you like she can jump in when i am pounding you

  6. I am.celebrating new year and I remember this day as if it was yesterday … i beat the crap out of this boy gave him a lesson outpunch him …

  7. If he wants a second round he can have it … I didnt stop i kept coming for him .. he punches like a girl … I finish strong

  8. Lets get this straight to the clowns who don't know shit about respect. That fight was a draw. Blue got atleast one good hit in is all that count. If he didnt land one punch then he got his ass whooped, But give this nigga respect for handling his business tho!

  9. See alot of ppl got this shit twisted…so what if he lost he still's not about if you can fight or not it's about if you GONNA fight ….run that shit if u lose so what u still was a man at the end of the day …oh yeah real niggas show respect afterwards ain't no point in throwing hands if y'all still gonna beef

  10. Same place same time … you like to talk trash back it up … bring your fat ass momma probably she can jump in safe your ass

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