GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #1 (The Return)

GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #1 (The Return)
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GTA Online Best FAILS of the Week #1 (The Return)

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  1. I got my cargo vehicle wedged under that same area at the same warehouse! I find using the vigilante works wonders at getting wedged vehicles out of almost any bad spot.

  2. Glad this is back! One of these videos is actually how I found your channel, then I stuck around because you usually get news out before most others, and your commentary is enjoyable.

    Also, a suggestion:
    Switch your countdown numbers to a rockstar font if you can find one, I feel it would be more fitting.

    Keep up the great vids!

  3. at clip number 4 i did something similar, when i was delivering cocaine to my business the motor cycle the supplies and i were on got stuck between a wall and some wierd metal thin literally 2 ft away from my destination

  4. I litterally saw 1 train following another train about a week ago while i believe there is usually just one train for the whole map

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