Growing Up Golden: Golden Retriever Puppies | Too Cute!

Growing Up Golden: Golden Retriever Puppies | Too Cute!
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Watch these new born Golden Retriever puppies grow up; from their first breath and learning to walk, to teething and playtime.

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  1. Stupid people if one puppy dies does it matter? There are lots more to watch after. Let it die… hate fucking dogs anyways send them all to China they will cook it alive and eat them all…

  2. Dogs don’t care about humans. They see humans as individuals that will feed them and take care of them, meaning that they will no any mindless chore, in order to keep their support.

    If you put them in another loving home, with humans that will do the same thing as you, they won’t think twice about you. Dogs will do anything to protect their meal ticket, including allowing themselves to be placed in a dangerous situation, just for food.

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