Cops vs Stupid Drivers – Police Justice Compilation 2018 #68

Cops vs Stupid Drivers - Police Justice Compilation 2018 #68
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Cops vs Stupid Drivers – Police Justice Compilation 2018 #68 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. You just hope anyone running from the cops like that flips his car and dies before he hurts anyone else. Criminals are jerks. Also, hope that Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidt, and Mark Zuckerberg are in the backseat, along with a few extra SJW YouTube employees so we can get rid of them, too.

  2. Anytime you run from the cops, in South Floduh. Rent a chopper. Every expressway they have, is clogged up tighter than a crabs ass. Lets see, there is the 826 parking lot, the 836 parking lot, The Airport Expressway, The Saw grass parking lot, The 112 parking lot, The Fl. Turnpike, which really isn't too bad. At least you can get up to 50 mph. Then there's the Turnpike Extension, which only sucks twice a day. Last, but not least, I-95. Now if there is an accident, on one of these parking lots, it's the Turnpike. Your doomed, makes you wish you brought the motor home. At least you can cook dinner, do the dishes, take a little nap, watch a couple DVD's. Road work on any of these, is constant. When 95 was started, it was 2 lane. 2 going N. 2 going S. Any time I had to go North, say to Georgia, or Tenn. I would leave at 11 pm. That way it was crowded, but moving. NOTICE for tourists. When exiting one of these, remember keep your windows up,and your doors locked. Put all valuables in hr trunk. Have fun in the sun, it usually doesn't get over 95 deg. in the summer

  3. The first clip took place 2 mins away from my house. I remember watching the chase from a park right next to the turnpike. Next thing I know there are 20 cars after it

  4. The problem is that most of the police aren't armed so the criminals don't have much to fear.  In the US if the felons try in any way to harm or kill officers, they will get a face full of lead.

  5. Lol criminals are so pathetic. It cracks me up on the jail shows when it shows them in there and they think they’re cool. No you’re in there because you are a child and can’t behave

  6. I love when the female cop around 5:30 is like "God damn, too much information". I think that every time I watch one of these…. the cop on the radio is pumped up and talking WAY too much

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