Vegan Witnesses INSANE Halal Slaughter

Vegan Witnesses INSANE Halal Slaughter
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  1. This was very tough to bear witness to, this video does not do justice how horrific this was because I deliberately censored it to make it more sharable. I will release the uncensored footage at a later date. For anyone who thinks halal slaughter is that much worse than the way animals are slaughtered in western countries watch these for a comparison:

    UK: Land of hope and glory-
    Australia: 1000eyes-
    USA: From Farm to Fridge-

    For those who this video has affected enough to change their lifestyle choice please follow this link and sign up for a 22 day vegan challenge-

  2. And some people live by the idea that this is the most humane way to kill animals. When the knife went in and the blood came gushing out it sounded like a goddamn waterfall. Poor creatures, they were alive and aware of everything that happened to them and they had time to realise that they were dying. I'm not saying that everyone has to go vegan, but consider the fact that you are eating flesh that had cortisol and many other toxic hormones pumping through it in its final moments. I am vegetarian myself and can't become vegan due to existing health issues, but I will go vegan if everything clears up.

    Halal is when the entire head is cut off quickly, to separate the nervous system from the brain not allowing the animal to feel ant pain. The dead should completely be cut off not only the throat slit.

  4. Okay cow is designed to be killed and eaten by human. Fish is a bit different but we can eat it as well god has designed those things for the human to survive. Also for vegan people who don't eat meats alot of medicine made out of animals ?

  5. So sad, never seen that much trolls in the answers of many meaningful comments. It nearly looks like someone really created dozens of fake accounts just to feel better with himself.

  6. All word should. Be change..animals have right to live just like us.. Stop killing.. Your voice and our voice should be raised.. No more eating meat..

  7. People who want to eat meat will eat meat, people who want to only eat vegetables will do that.

    Don't go around shoving it in our faces to be what you want us to be. Animals are created by God to serve a purpose, which is to serve human needs. I agree, they are alive, they have souls, and they should be treated with utmost mercy.

    The Islamic Slaughter method is the most merciful, as the animal will be unconscious once it's jugular veins are cut open, so they faint and feel no pain, unlike the stunning or bolting, which doesn't work in most cases, as you said, and causes alot of unnecessary pain.

    I don't approve however of the environment that the Slaughter was taking place in this video, this bleak production line that is almost always dirty and smells like blood, with little to no effort in cleaning procedures, and hygiene.

    The Islamic Slaughter Method has a whole System and rules that you probably don't even know about, and only little to none were met by those workers.

    Which actually makes you look like you have a case here, but wherever those rules and conditions are met, you're completely mistaken.

    Instead of preaching your own beliefs on people, start by understanding their take on things, and why they believe it, and uphold it's teachings.

    The Islamic Slaughter Method is the most Clean way to slaughter an animal, by draining all the blood out of its body, because after an animal dies, its blood is full of germs and microbes which cause the meat to rot faster, and also cause a ton of diseases to those who eat the meat.

    Depending on plants alone will result in an increase in fertilizers production and usage, which already contributes to 13% of greenhouse gas emissions, most notably NO2 which is poisonous and has almost triple the effect of CO2 in global warming.

    Consequently, refusing to eat meat, also means that cattle numbers will rise through the roof, causing environmental chaos, eating everything they find, and increasing their already high, 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, most notably Methane, which also is so much worse than CO2.

    The emissions due to transportation vehicles and industrial production is enough to impact our lives greatly, from increasing sea levels, to increasing temperatures, to habitable areas being unfit for habitation anymore, I don't see the point of being vegan to produce those emissions even more.

  8. Theres nothing wrong with eating meat. The problem comes from non humane practices in slaughter. Halal has never been human. The western world has been using humane practices for a very long time. Of course there are some farms that have had a few inhumane employees and those people have been caught and it has raised awareness to the problem and now we have more and more inspections and undercover investigations to ensure humane slaughter in Canada. I refuse to by anything with a Halal marking on it and i have found that certain fast food restaurants have been in bed with the devil here using halal certified foods in their menus without letting us know. I have boycotted those restaurants and fast food chains that have done so as i do with any farms that are found to treat their animal inhumanely. I dont care if they apologize. Its over. Ill never buy their shit again.

    It will teCh all those joining the industry we will not tolerate inhumane practices.

  9. I don't understand why people are surprised of course it smells bad ina slauter house of course it looks bad these animals don't want to die God made death hard on our hearts so that we understand the value of what's in our plates I'm going to continue to eat meat I don't know why but I will

  10. You should watch how pigs are slaughtered in the Netherlands. Dumpert did a video called: "Dumpert film je werkplek – slachthuis" i think it's quite humane

  11. Man kind eat raw meat stop bitching. if you want to survive eating plant you are more than welcome I like my steaks rare, deal whit it.

  12. that meat is not halal, this video is misleading. the animal is not supposed to be put into that contraption. its eyes need to be covered during the whole process, it also shouldnt be done in front of another animal. as a muslim, i wouldnt consume this meat

  13. I was eating a meat and cheese taco while watching this and I finished it because I’m an animal like that. But anyway it’s all about survival, we took over before anything else could.

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