TRADITIONAL DAL BAATI Cooked for 50 School Kids! Unique DESERT Food in Rajasthan

TRADITIONAL DAL BAATI Cooked for 50 School Kids! Unique DESERT Food in Rajasthan
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Dal baati is a traditional food of the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, comprising dal (lentils) and baati (hard wheat rolls).

??MAKE DAL BAATI: To make the dal, begin by soaking 5 different types of lentils in ghee and water. In a separate pot, mix ghee, salt, turmeric, onion, red chilli powder, green chillies, dry mango powder, garlic, coriander powder, ginger and coriander leaves, adding lemon at the end. Add the boiled dal and cook.

To make the baati, combine wheat flour, salt and water and knead into tennis ball-sized dough balls. Bake the dough over burned cow dung (or a well-heated traditional oven, if burned cow dung isn’t readily available). Once the baati becomes golden brown in color, grease it with ghee and serve with dal.

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  1. I'm from India Kolkata. Never been to Rajasthan, people like you brings real field videos what really makes me happy to watch because it's real and not scripted.

  2. I ate dal bhati topped with loads of ghee for the first time in Rajasthani restaurant in Bangalore on June 2014. I loved it so much, I think I ate 7 bhati and my voice cracked for 3 days because of ghee. I would do it all over again ?

  3. Rajasthani people are ancient warriors and in past mostly they were on the battlefield so they developed easy way of cooking on the field. Sand cooked meat LAL mas and Dal bati were the main course meals.every region has its own speciality of cooking in India.

  4. For all the people who are disgusted with why people are eating food made in shit… there is no harmful bacteria in cow dunk and a dried cow dunk after burned properly is just charcoal and food cooked in it is safe cuz its not shit anymore!! And if u still dont like it then there are other places in India no one uses cow dunk to make food in India except the few admirable people and tribes who does this cuz clearly they are saving useful resources I mean compared to a lot of people these guys are truly doing something noble.

  5. Cow is the only animal in nature whose dung or urine never smells bad. It has lots of medicinal value in it. An infant can digest only cow's milk when it has no mother's milk. Sir cows are holy, so please don't feel bad when food is cooked on cow dung.

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