This dog was depressed until he met an unusual friend

This dog was depressed until he met an unusual friend
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Unbelievable Unlikely Animal Friendships Compilation 2019

As humans animals can be also friends. If animals live together they became often friends. We will show how incredibly touching and sincere it can be in our story today.

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  1. This makes me think that we are in the millennium when the Bible says "that a child will play with the asp" when Jesus Christ will rule on the earth for one thousand years then it will be peace on the earth.

  2. Ask Jesus,,Forgiveness of all your sins, or commit suicide. You have not, because you ASKED NOT. Don't Gamble with your Eternal Soul, there is a Hell.
    The Only unforgivable sin is NOT to ASK HIM

  3. Goes to show that the main stream media is a big promoter of hate and fear, they need both to divide us! I have owned animals that defy common knowledge—-my Shepard Colly mix dog was the only one that bonded with the two family dogs that got along with no one else.

  4. you take away an animals need to be constantly hunting/foraging for food it will completely change all the instincts of said animal, EG why would the snake kill the hamster when it knows its food will come like clockwork,i also think it makes a difference if the animal in this case a snake has never been in the wild were it hunted for food,it might not recommend the hamster as a food source what would be interesting is if they stopped feeding the snake what would happen then??

  5. There is much science being unexplained here I think it's appropriate it's explained, the primary focus is in the mid 4 minutes with the snake and the Hamster. All Creatures are current examples of millions of years of evolution. Only recently scientist have discovered that it is incredibly common for snakes to live with all other creatures in the cold climate regions during the cold season to stay alive. What we have here is a well-fed snake he has no need to eat and he senses the warmth of the hamster that warmth is a very pleasurable thing get it yet?

  6. I flushed a mouse down the toilet earlier because it was a pest in my apartment ruining all my things!!! Little bastard is goners!!! Haa ?

  7. I always knew these things happen and more than we know… but the snake ???
    That's unbelieveable that a snake would have any kind of emotional response.

  8. This video ends with an excellent message at 9:00. If we are not taught to hate or prey, our default is love. And that goes for animals as well.

  9. love the cat opening the door for the dog, dog is gonna say its the cats fault, cat is gonna deny it.

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