Tel Aviv Food Tour – BEST Sabich, Hummus, and Lamb Pita – Middle Eastern Israeli Food!

Tel Aviv Food Tour - BEST Sabich, Hummus, and Lamb Pita - Middle Eastern Israeli Food!
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For this Tel Aviv, Israel, food tour, we hooked up with my friend David ( to eat some of the best food in Tel Aviv, including a few true gems of Israeli and Middle Eastern food.

Our first stop was in Jaffa, the old area of Tel Aviv, just south of the main city. It’s an ancient Biblical city, and I was excited to visit. Located in Jaffa is Abu Hassan, one of the most legendary and standards of hummus in Tel Aviv.

Abu Hassan – Located in a peaceful area of Jaffa, this restaurant is always packed and busy full of people hungry for hummus, ful, and musabaha. it’s truly a legendary place and the hummus was of the sticky and smooth variety. I think my favorite thing was the musabaha, like hummus, but with whole chickpeas. They also offer a mix of hummus, ful, and musabaha all in a single bowl which is excellent.
Total price – 72 ILS ($20.95)

Sabich Tchernichovsky – An Iraqi Jewish food in Israel, sabich is a pita filled with eggplant and hard boiled eggs, and a selection of salad and condiments. David says that there’s no doubt Sabich Tchernichovsky makes the best sabich in Israel, and I was very impressed. He assembled the pita so slowly and perfectly, adding layer upon layer of eggplant, egg, and salad. It was truly one of the best vegetarian (but with egg) sandwiches I’ve ever had.
Price – 21 ILS ($5.87)

Falafel Johnny Benin – Next to Sabich Tchernichovsky, is Falafel Johnny Benin, a legendary Tel Aviv falafel hole in the wall restaurant. I ordered a half of a falafel sandwich, with salad and tahini. It was delicious, and freshly cooked.
Half falafel pita – 9 ILS ($2.51)

Carmel Market – Carmel Market is one of the most well known of all open air flea markets in Tel Aviv. You’ll find everything there, including a nice food section.

HaBasta Restaurant – Located on a side street of Carmel Market, is HaBasta, a gourmet market fresh restaurant. They served us some very fresh and interesting dishes. The crab was delicious, and the fried veal brain was amazing, but I especially loved the cherry salad.
Total price – 400 ILS ($111.72)

Pronto Restaurant – Owned by the renowned Chef David Frankel, Pronto is a refined Israeli Italian and Mediterranean restaurant. The food was extremely high quality, and the flavors were very subtle and delicious. We were planning to pay for our meal, but David knows the chef very well, and Chef David wouldn’t allow us to pay. Delicious high end gourmet food.

Jasmino – This was probably my favorite food on this entire Israeli food tour of Tel Aviv, Jasmino, specializing in grilled meat pita. The owner, another extremely kind man, ordered me the sweetbreads pita, grilled thymus and bottom part of lamb throat glands, with salad and tahini. It was extraordinary. My kind of a place.
Price – 28 ILS ($7.82)

And that completed our Tel Aviv food tour!

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Thank you again to David Califa (Instagram: Facebook: for taking me on this amazing Israeli food tour of Tel Aviv!


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  1. I am a little concerned about taking your infant son on frequent and long flights because of the radiation exposure .

  2. In a few words… I have never seen anyone eat like you do! I just wish I could Taste a one thing that you think is amazing. I love how the Middle East eat. Nothing is odd. Like the the Asian Country's. Middle East food is pure and good for you. Asian food they eat anything and everything. I could visit this s country and live the food. Thank you Mark! I wish you well and your Family. God Bless.

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