Mutton biryani Served to kids || Nawabs kitchen

Mutton biryani  Served to kids || Nawabs kitchen
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  1. खाजा जी आप बहोत प्यार से खाना पकाते है, और सबसे बडीया आपकी बोलणे मैं जो सादगी है वो मुझे बहोत पसंद आयी, आपका ये नेक काम तारीफ के काबिल है,

  2. Laude kahe ke orphans aur hungry… Sala life me yeh sab hmlog nhi khaye… Tu gareeb ke naam pe scam kr rha h…. Poor h to normal khana khilao…. Lakho kharch kr rha h bsdika……

  3. Pls contact me, I want to donate little amount of money from my savings, I love the way you feed those kids, you are very kind hearted. Pls contact me

  4. Assalamu alaikum… We too sended money to ur account for my son birthday… yesterday only my son birthday..we sended money 10 days back….no reply from ur side pls check it out &reply soon

  5. Ma shaa Allaah Nawaab Sahaaab As Usual you bring smiles on these children's Thanks you Nawaab Team To always here and the Sponsor also✨?✨

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