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  1. They fight like some scrubs… all that negotiation….fronting, lip service,table talk….they need to go in the house and wash some dishes.

  2. Wow, are you an evolutionist? No, no you're not and for a very good reason which is why you're just an enemy to the rest of us spreading your bullshit ignorance about human beings who are not developed into human beings.. Which doesn't even make fucking sense because if we evolved even more in the next 5000 years we'll still be Humans. Secondly wherever there is poverty in the world there is struggle when there is struggle there are crimes and drugs and instability, go read a fucking book.

  3. you are clearly underweight. at 17 years old 130 lbs. youre a mini bitch. correction, i start and finish everything. because you just eat your own foot with every reply. you train in multiple styles yet you dont know the first thing about real fighting. and intimidate? no i never threaten anyone. that was you. you are just a fuck wad who thought he can appear tough to me. hahaha you look like a faggot. no lie.

  4. you started this by being ignorant
    im not underweight
    i never said i was a black belt in anything i just train in more than one style
    your the one trying to intimidate people

  5. youre a complete jerry springer reject. youre a frail skinny ass little underweight child who now is a multiple degree black belt in different arts, when i know for a fact it takes up to 20 years sometimes to master any 1 art. dumb ass tapout jockey. get your thumb out your ass. real fighters dont come on youtube boasting about what they do in comments to intimidate people. thats called a keyboard warrior. faggot. go drink some milk mini bitch.

  6. you did talk about whooping my ass, you also talked about beating my dead mother, i train relentlessly everyday to get stronger and i know your not a fighter because one of the most important things a fighter can have is confidence if you had any form of formal training you would know this and finally i compete in Chinese ken-Po tournaments which dont have age limits or restriction only weight so i have fought many adults before and if you weigh more than me ill just use my keyoushin training

  7. exactly but you dont see me on here talking about whooping everyones ass either do you? those lame comments about how youll fuck me up are invalid as well. you dont even know who i am or capable of. if you were smart youd understand a grown man is still a grown man. and very strong when in a fight. you are a bit too small to come at me talking about whooping my ass. that confidence is what leads alot of people to getting knocked out on their ass.

  8. one my mom has passed away so your argument is invalid
    two my dad is not a cripple and i would not put a hand on him
    you dont have any videos either

  9. If whites r so superior, than why do u stress on it so much? U dont see other races stress on different races with such focus as whites do. U often see whites on here viewing videos of blacks instead of going out n socializing while blacks n latinos fuck your white women. Its funny how being cool is the thing not that associated with white geeks like u who stay behind the computer bitching about other races saying their race is superior. If ur race is so superior, than u r a disgrace to ur race.

  10. Whityes r superior race because their countries r not as shitty as third world countries? No. It has nothing to do with being superior, it has more to do with them being the baddest of rapists, genocidal maniacs, thieves and sick minded fucks. Remember that whites used to rule in their part of the world (Rome and Greece) by fucking each other up the ass n sucking each others cocks. That does not make whites superior, it just makes them the sickest more voilent warriors go succeeded in conquering

  11. im not frail
    this is all the weight i need to handle your sorry ass
    im 19
    im a real fighter cause i train daily and participate in real fights

  12. no sir i did not sub you i just went to your channel
    you did not damage one of my nerves i just enjoy arguing with very very dumb individuals on the internet and making them look retarded you seem to be the perfect target so you are now my next victim

  13. sometimes. but whites that get caught up in that riffraff tend to be underachievers with a history and future of violence, drug abuse, and/or death/imprisonment. a loser caveman mentality is the root of failure in society today.

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