Street Food Tour of Lamu, Kenya – FOOD MELTING POT and Sailboat BBQ – Kenyan Swahili Food!

Street Food Tour of Lamu, Kenya - FOOD MELTING POT and Sailboat BBQ - Kenyan Swahili Food!
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Thanks to Hippo Dhow and for arranging this for me.

Lamu Island, Kenya – Ever since I was a child growing up in Kenya, I had wanted to visit Lamu Island. It’s one of the best places in the world to experience authentic Swahili culture and food – and so in this video we’re going on an ultimate Kenyan food tour of Lamu, plus in the evening, we were able to take a ride of a dhow with an amazing bbq!

Shela Village, Lamu – During our visit to Lamu we stayed in Shela Village, a little down the coast from Lamu Old Town. Shela is a beautiful place though, quiet and serene. In the morning we set out by boat to Lamu Old town to get the street food and sightseeing tour started.

Lamu Old Town – Lamu Old Town is one of those ancient cities where everywhere you look there’s something fascinating. The old narrow lanes are a joy to explore, and you also have to dodge donkeys everywhere. We enjoyed a mix of small snacks including fried cassava, coffee, sweet sesame brittle, and coconuts. The central market in Lamu Town is also a great colorful place to walk around and explore, and to see what types of ingredients are most common in Swahili food. The highlight of the street food in Lamu for me though, were the mishakiki, grilled skewers of beef meat served with pilipili.

Coffee – 20 KES ($0.20)
Casava – 20 KES ($0.20)
Coconut – 30 KES ($0.30)
Mishakiki – 25 KES ($0.24) per stick

Hippo Dhow – A dhow is a traditional sailboat on the Indian Ocean, and the crew at Hippo Dhow are awesome. Through, they were able to connect me, and we set off in the afternoon to sail. The peace of sailing is one of the greatest things ever. After sailing for a while, we anchored off a small sandbar and grill up some delicious fish. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Lamu!

Lamu Island is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Kenya!


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  1. 23:14 come on man you know what he's doing he showing you the happy belly traditionally you need to work on that 6-pack I myself have chose to go beyond that and I'm working on my kegger LOL

  2. Mark I really admire spirit and charisma to food. You are very unique indeed to taste and eat whatever that culture eats and how it is cooked and where it is cooked and the conditions the food is cooked in. Marvellous mark. I must say I'm learning much.

  3. Wow, seen many of your videos, they're so educational, most of us think of Ethiopia, Kenya or some African countries as extremely poor with starving people on the dirt, what an eye opener!! Thank you Mark, you are such wonderful person, many regards.

  4. 23:02 "I don't know if there can be possibly anything better in life than after a big meal putting yourself into a horizontal position on a dhow." This guy makes you want to traverse the whole world to enjoy nature.

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