Save Kerala || Nawabs kitchen

Save Kerala || Nawabs kitchen
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  1. I remember cancelling my trip to that state of yours when I was in Indian due to your government allowing open killing of street dogs without any humane methods pretty much used sticks to kill most of the street dogs I'd say it's karma ?

  2. People who face this catastrophe and have Imaan , they know God exist because everything is a test from Allah but those who differs and say Allah punish as don't have a quite trust from Allahs mercy,…life can not always be happy, we are human beings and science can not explain the hearafter and the life after we die , because we will be judged by our action , as the American program say in tv (what would you do) ? But the camera can never match with Allah subanhawatala because he is all seeing and hearing , he knows everything about this dunya and the entire universe what's between …so Imagine that folks…may Allah bless you for your work ❤️

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