Hong Kong Street Food Hopping with Debbie Wong! Best Street Food Experience!

Hong Kong Street Food Hopping with Debbie Wong!  Best Street Food Experience!
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Hong Kong Street Food is what I came to Hong Kong for, and I was lucky enough to have Debbie Wong show me around the local stalls at a packed out alleyway in Central Hong Kong! This was a workers lunch, and we had some really tasty street noodles!

I came to Hong Kong with only one goal, to eat! Eat delicious food! I didn’t really want to go for the classic dim sum, as I already had enough Dim Sum in Guangzhou, so I asked Debbie to show me around to a local street food area that was packed with locals eating street food. She took me to this shop in Central:

Wai Kee Congee Shop 威記粥店 address:G/F, 82 Stanley St., Central

I loved the atmosphere, all the stalls and vendors serving up hot food to hungry workers. The feel really made it all worth it! I would come back here to eat in a heartbeat!

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  1. well that inner organ noodles equivalent 200pesos in philippines we wont eat it here thats expensive… if we called thing streetfood in philippines Its cheap price and taste good!!!

  2. kenapa kuliner diluar negri kita,maju,dibanding,kan negara kita,karena bahan baku kita mahal.dan SDM kita,rendah,jurusan tata boga,kagak menonjol.

  3. Trevor and Tingting. Thanks for bringing us along on another delicious episode of The Food Ranger. Debbie Wong is cute. Don't worry Tingting. You're cute too 😀

  4. I hate you!! LoL!!! Super jealous!!! ?I'm gonna visit HK with my wife next month, can you kindly confim which or where street food that you really prefer! Thank you!!

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