Halal Thai Street Food in Bangkok – AMAZING THAI CURRY and ROTI Food Tour!

Halal Thai Street Food in Bangkok - AMAZING THAI CURRY and ROTI Food Tour!
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The fish curry was my favorite dish of this Halal Thai street food tour!
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The area around Haroon Mosque (มัสยิดฮารูณ), in the Charoen Krung area of Bangkok, is a great place to find Halal Thai street food (food cooked permissible with Muslim / Islamic traditions). In this video I’m taking you on a Halal Thai street food in Bangkok – we’re going to eat some amazing roti roti breakfast, and some of my personal favorite curry – gaeng gari (แกงกะหรี่).

Roti Mataba Khun Mai (โรตีมะตะบะ คุณใหม่) – This is the first place we stopped for breakfast to eat Thai Muslim style roti. Ying and I split a sweet roti, and a couple of mataba gai (มะตะบะไก่), chicken stuffed roti. Both were excellent, and made hot and fresh right in front of us.
Total price – 175 THB ($5.35)

Khao mok (ข้าวหมก) is Thai biryani, and this was actually more of a Burmese style. It rolled down the alley right where we were eating the mataba, and we had to try it. As we were ordering though, the family that lives in the house there in the gate, had watched our videos and invited us into their house to eat – this was completely random and unplanned. The family was extremely nice, and we ate the biryani in their home, and also tried a few of their extra dishes.
Price – 90 THB ($2.75) per plate

Gaeng gari (แกงกะหรี่) – This is probably my favorite dish of this entire Halal Bangkok Thai street food tour. Gaeng gari (แกงกะหรี่) of this style is typically a Muslim version of this amazing curry. It’s packed with spice, and what I love most about it are the curry leaves that give the curry its unique and strong flavor.
Total price – 110 THB ($3.36)

Gaeng Hindu (แกงฮินดู) – There’s a curry street food stall as you enter Haroon Mosque (มัสยิดฮารูณ) that you don’t want to miss. They have a curry that they called “Gaeng Hindu (แกงฮินดู)” or an Indian style curry. It looked like Thai massaman curry, but it didn’t taste at all like massaman curry. This curry was amazing, packed full of spicy, and not sweet at all like massaman. It’s a curry you don’t want to miss.
She wouldn’t allow us to pay. Thank you for the food!

Khanom soyi (ขนมโซยี) – This is the original version of this Thai Muslim dessert pudding. It was interesting, not my favorite.
Price – 20 THB ($0.61)

Kuay teow bok (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวบก) – This is a Thai street food dish you won’t find often, it included wide rice noodles and herbs, with shrimp, chicken, and peanuts, with a sweet chili sauce. The sauce was too sweet for me, but I liked the freshness of the dish.
Price – 40 THB ($1.22)

Khanom buang (ขนมเบื้อง) – Finally to end this Thai street food Halal tour, we ate khanom buang (ขนมเบื้อง). Most of the ingredients are vegetables and it’s really a refreshing and light mixture that all goes into it. It was a great way to end this food tour, and I was stuffed at the end.
Price – 40 THB ($1.22)

You’ll find Halal Thai street food around the Haroon Mosque (มัสยิดฮารูณ), especially on Friday from about 10 am – 2 pm.

Thank you for watching this video!

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