Full Anthony Bourdain Saigon Street Food Tour (Owners reflect on Bourdain's visit)

Full Anthony Bourdain Saigon Street Food Tour (Owners reflect on Bourdain's visit)
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Resto: Bánh xèo Đinh Công Tráng
Food: Vietnamese pancake
Add: 46A Dinh Cong Trang street, Tan Dinh ward, District 1
Operation hour: 10AM – 02AM , 04PM – 09PM
Price: 80.000VND – 135.000VND

Resto: Cơm Niêu Sài Gòn
Food: Smashed rice and earthenware pot rice
Add: 75 Xuan Thuy street, Thao Dien ward, district 2
Operation hour: 06AM – 11PM
Price: Smashed rice 53.000VND – earthenware pot rice 35.000VND

Resto: Quán ốc A Sòi
Food: Snails
Add: 237-239 Nguyen Thuong Hien street, District 3
Operation hour: 04PM – 10PM
Price: From 60.000VND

Resto: Lunch Lady
Food: Crab crystal noodle soup / Banh Canh Cua
Add: D1 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Condo, Dakao ward, District 1
Operation time: 11AM – 03PM
Price: Small bowl 30.000VND – Big bowl 40.000VND

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  1. This is my tribute to the late Anthony Bourdain. It was surreal to encounter all these people and places, retracing his footsteps and putting together the story of what happened AFTER the TV broadcast. It would be awesome if other food youtubers did the same. Trevor in Chengdu, Mark in Bangkok and so on. Hope you liked it.

    We've listed all the restaurants and their info in the description box so you can easily visit next time you're in town.

    Next time you're in Vietnam, hit up Onetrip for an amazing food or adventure tour: https://www.christinas.vn/onetrip/saigon/

    Let me know if you liked this style of video. We can follow up with other restaurants Bourdain visited in Vietnam.

  2. This is video is so great, the impact one man like Bourdain had on these small business owners was tremendous. Next time I hope to see you revisit the restaurant Bourdain went to with Obama since that was such a big event!

  3. Thank you for following Anthony's steps in this segment. A nice flashback to a great guy that I miss watching! Love your videos Sonny! May your adventure be long for all of us to enjoy!

  4. I hate CNN. Fake News. However, this man was great, is great, and shows through all the people that he touched.

  5. This is a message for all the restaurants that benefit from Anthony Bourdain's visit. He literally made them into cash cows. But in particular, I wish the Sai Gon Lunch Lady takes her profit and re-invest into her stall, or corner, or restaurant, or whatever you want to call it. The place looks exactly the same or even worse than when the Anthony Bourdain's visit 10 years ago. Please take some of that extra money and improve the place to honor and pay tribute to the name Bourdain.

  6. Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to Anthony Bourdain! Always looked forward to his show……still can’t believe he’s no longer with us ?. RIP Anthony.

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