Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop | The Dodo

Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop | The Dodo
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Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop | This goofy, talking rescue pittie lifted the weight of the world off her mom’s shoulders ? ?

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  1. What a special and beautiful relationship you two have! Animals are so wonderful I absolutely love my 4 dogs. They are definitely my best friends and it looks like you have also found a new bestfriend in Maci.

  2. So Sorry you lost your parents a year from each! Happened to me too n its something that makes your heart Sooo Sad n Devastating!!! Your an Angel rescuing this Beautiful dog. I did the same n it helps heal us. Such a Happy furbaby!!! They know you saved em. Love that he talks a lot cuz I'm Always talking to mine too!! God Bless n Praying for Many Happy days for y'all??????

  3. You guys were made for each other and am so glad you found each other. Yep! I'm adapted by a minischnauzer. We have conversations all day and clear communications. One of her earlier best friends also happened to be a neighboring horse.

  4. My dog Nina is a rescue pitbull terrier my aunt gave her to me after my nephew committed suicide it was really hard for me individually. So having a companion who knows when your sad just there to bring a smile back to you. My dog saved my life, and made me a better person. That's the love of a dog. ?

  5. With a lovely face like that? I would snuggle mine against hers any day. and a personality like that? I would talk to her for days!

  6. I wish I had a pet but on Centrelink I can't afford to look after myself so I'm not getting a pet cause it would be unfair to the pet

  7. This just made my day. Love it when he speaks to you. How life has lead him to you. It’s meant to be that he is yours to keep and live his life the best now. Thank you for sharing this . I love animals and really made my day happy ?

  8. 2:45 The "zoomies", that's a good word for it. I referred to it as 'figure 8 mode' when my rott used to do that because she would run in a figure 8 pattern all the time.
    People who take rescue pets and give them a chance at a happy life are a special kind of cool. My hat's off to you, fine lady.

  9. You saved each other! How could those awful people think she was ugly? Pitties are the best dogs ever

  10. I used to have a Black and White Pitty X, Pansy who died last year age nearly 13 being afflicted with breast cancer. In the meantime I have rescued another dog from a solo mother family of 3 girls – they could not afford to spend any money on her. I had a court case with Pansy costing around <$1,000,000, in 2011, however, she had a good attorney (that's me). The government was sour losers, my case resulting in changing the dog legislation to prevent individuals like me from taking private actions against the authorities. it was purported to have been said, by the higher authorities, "What! a million taxpayer dollars spent on a dog

  11. What a fantastic history.. This funny dog complemented the life of the new owner,which means something beautiful happen The Pit owner is the perfect companion for this abused dog, that overcome her suffering. The moral of this story is sometime smart dogs have a chance to laugh at the ignorant,diminished capacity humans.

  12. Yess your Parents sent her to you??They knew wha you needed & it was Her???Im So sorry for your Lost & So happy you found a new Friend to lift you spirits. God Bless you both. I love Pitbulls i had mines for 9yrs I couldn't imagine my life without My Chasey Girl???

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