Pit Bull Who Was Scared Of Men Falls In Love With His New Dad | The Dodo Pittie Nation

Pit Bull Who Was Scared Of Men Falls In Love With His New Dad | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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Pit Bull Who Was Scared Of Men Falls In Love With His New Dad | No one wanted to adopt this pit bull because his past had made him fearful and aggressive. But his new dad knew he had to save him — even though Pablo was terrified of men. Today on Pittie Nation, watch how Pablo’s dad slowly gained his trust (by showing Pablo how much he loves his other pittie!) and completely won him over. For more of these adorably squishy pitties, you can check them out on Instagram: https://thedo.do/charlipablo.

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  1. I love and appreciate all of these beautiful human beings who are willing to help out animals who have been through abuse and are the salvation for the animals who are scared but, love and want to be loved !!! Bless these people they have huge hearts ♥️

  2. A powerful man like you could have beat that dog in to submission easily, but you understood the poor thing was just afraid, and should not be unless he was abused by a man. You took your time, showed him you mean him no harm, only friendship, and look at the devoted sweetheart of a dog you have now! You have it all my friend. A powerful body, a powerful mind, and a great big heart!

  3. People who kick animals or hurt them in general are sooo bad pussys.. i really praying that im gonna meet an animal abuser someday and then hes gonna get abused but 1000× harder

  4. What a beautiful little guy…And his personality is almost human like?
    He found his forever home and a REAL FAMILY..
    looks like Pablo and his family are going to enjoy a long HAPPY and healthy life TOGETHER!!!!

  5. I volunteered at the humane society in Wisconsin and half the dogs in the shelter are pitties. It’s disgusting that people believe that pit bulls are these ferocious monsters that will bite and kill anything that moves. They are as dangerous as someone’s beloved golden retriever. It’s just disgusting.

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