Lucky People Compilation || Dash Cam – Close Calls || MonthlyFails 2017

Lucky People Compilation || Dash Cam - Close Calls || MonthlyFails 2017
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Compilation featuring lucky people who cheated death in these extreme close calls and near misses caught on dash cams. Stay tuned for more fails, wins and wtf’s. Cheers!
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Special thanks to all who submitted videos!

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  1. just me that never hits the horn? i dont have that reflex, i know its there but i only use it to scare off animals xD when i get mad i usually flash my headlights and throw a hand up to the window doing angry faces XD

  2. Moral of the story – crosswalks should only be at intersections with traffic lights. Red light for oncoming traffic = green light for pedestrians to cross.

  3. this is just stupid Asians who don't understand how the world works once they leave their rooms. iv nearly hit 3 of them in Australia because they are distracted and just walk out onto roads.

  4. Of course these are going to look stupid. Some of them are very stupid. If they looked normal, they'd happen all the time and we wouldn't be using cars because they're not safe enough.

    In a world of 7 billion people, there are going to be plenty of videos of shit. People make mistakes. Some of those mistakes are of the type that get put in this video.

  5. Idiot drivers, idiot pedestrians, and idiot planner who put 'zebra-crossings' on a frigging highway!

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