Dogs are THRILLED to be Reunited With Sister Coming Home From College | The Dodo Reunited

Dogs are THRILLED to be Reunited With Sister Coming Home From College | The Dodo Reunited
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Dogs Are THRILLED When Their Sister Comes Home From College | These two rescue dogs love their human sister, Victoria, more than anything. So when she left for college, they looked all over for her and waited in her bed every night. Today on Reunited, Victoria’s coming home for the first time in six months — and Echo and Toto can’t even believe she’s finally back.

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  1. I tell my mom that animals have feeling's I believe she knows they have feeling's but pretends that they don't I love animals I'm a animal person I love animals more than people and myself

  2. My sister’s dog, Amethyst, is scared of thunderstorms, so when there was a storm I use to sit with her in the bottom of my closet and play her classical music to keep her calm. Now that I’m at college, my mom says whenever there’s a storm she would sit and lean against my closed bedroom door. It makes me so sad??

  3. Echo is definitely part, if not all, Australian cattle dog, and they are known to often develop a strong bond with just one person. i had one, Max. he was really something special.

  4. The brother, oh my god. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. Yup I have 2 girl rottweilers and one of them are super attached to my brother and one of them is super attached to me follows me around the house sleeps with me Lies on the floor outside the bathroom when I take a shower it is super adorable… Dogs are soooooooooooooooo cute

  6. My cat fierce ran away for 5 months. It definitely wasn't because he didn't love us, trust me. Hes just very curious and wandered off too far. We looked so long. Almost every day. For the first 2 days I wasn't worried, somtimes he'll go on his own little adventure for a few hours and i just figured this one was a little longer than usual. Then… a week went by. I started to get worried… I thought mabey he got hurt… or worse. So we put up posters. But i still had hope. Then 3 weeks. We started to panick. Then a month, my mom an i cried… Then 2… I started losing hope… Then 4. I kinda gave up… I hoped a family had found him and taken care of him but… I didn't really know. Then one night a cat we didn't recognize came by. It was meowing at our door, we gave it food but she wouldn't come in. The only reason we didn't put up signs for her is because She seemed healthy like She had a home. We figured She just liked visiting. She came by a few more times and then after a month… I went to open the door because i heard her meowing and… Fierce was with her!! He bolted in imidatly. And guess what… He ran too me first! I crouched down to pet and love him and he jumped onto my lap and licked my face nonstop. My brother was pretty salty about that haha. Now he never leaves for more than 3 hours and snuggles with me EVERY night. ♡

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