Best Fails of the Week 2 December 2015 || FailArmy

Best Fails of the Week 2 December 2015 || FailArmy
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Thank you to everyone for the submissions this week! Tune in next week for part 1 of BEST FAILS OF THE YEAR. Let us know your thoughts down below, thank you for subscribing and supporting the channel and as always, Salute!!
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Original Links:
Quad Riding Kid Crashes into Hedges
Grandma Flips Over on Mountain Bike
Kid Gets Catapulted Off Makeshift Ramp
Little Girl Rides Great Dane then Falls Off
Skier Bails Off Backyard Jump
Girl’s Face Gets Pummeled by Ball
Son Hits Dad with Golf Ball
Girl Tries to Land on Kitesurfer’s Shoulders
BMX Bike Breaks Mid-Trick
Little Boy Falls Flat on Face at Competition
Rollerblader Lands on Nuts on Rail
Kid Fails Skateboarding down Grassy Hill
Car Flips over after mishap
Guy Gets Served after Kicking Friend
Dirt Biker mess Lands into Side of Ramp
Skateboarder Slams into Concrete
BMX Rider Drops in on Another Rider
Dog Gives More than a High Five
Sleeping Student Gets Pushed to the Floor
Skateboard Loses Balance and Falls
Car Moves Right before Street Light Falls
Kid Crashes Toy Tractor into Camera
Flip Attempt Ends in Head-Plant
Mountain Biker Almost Crashes into Hikers
Guy Kicks Ball at Friend’s Head ttps://
Cat Falls Down Trying to Touch Light
Motorcyclist Faceplants Going Downhill
Madonna Statue Falls During Procession
Man Topples Over on Trash Can
Off-Road Jeep Crashes during Race
Skateboarder Launches Board into Face
Guy Accidentally Crashes Car into Window
Bride Falls during Reception Dance
Motorcyclist Falls onto Back during Wheelie
Girl Gets hit in Face with Apple
Cameraman Attacked by Wave
Bicyclist Crashes into Tree
Trampoline to Foam Pit Fail
Bike Rider Pops Wheelie and Crashes into Soccer Goal
Car mess Nealy Hits Pedestrians
Guy Kicks Light off in Classroom
Wooden Board Punch Fail
Skateboard Kid Ollies then Falls on Butt
Guy Dared to Jump in Hot Tub Full of Dry Ice
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  1. Aw cmon, don't let your child hit the dog like that. That hurts. Smart dog, 10/10 would give meaty chews and scritch his ears.

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