Best Fails of the Week 1 September 2014 || FailArmy

Best Fails of the Week 1 September 2014 || FailArmy
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How long have you been waiting for this week’s fails of the week?! Wait not longer because your weekly dose of fails is here! Start off your September on the wrong foot.

Best Fails of the Month:
Ice Bucket Fails:

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Original Links:
Parkour Side Flip:
Bike Backflip Flip:
Car Hill mess:
Downhill Faceplant:
lit Dancing:
Dirt Bike mess:
Tricking Fail:
lit Gal:
Moto Dashcam mess:
Horse Ice Bucket Fail:
Skater Fail:
Moto Stoppie Takes Mirror:
Ice Bucket KO:
Scooter Faceplant:
Cat Poo:
Dock Jump:
Ice Bucket Fail:
Tree mess:
Bunny Race Fail:
Bike Trail Faceplant:
Cold Water Fail:
lit Driver dashcam:
Slip N Slide Fail:
Burnout Gone Wrong:
Longboarding mess:
Trampoline Fail:

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  1. Animals taking dumps like that cat are not funny. Only a sophomoric low brow would laugh at stuff like this. Show some class and have some respect for viewers who are more mature. Anyone who doesn't like my comment about this should go find toilet to play in.

  2. 1:01 isn't funny, its actually rude for men to know that a woman is about to fall and doesn't run over or yell anything and then laugh when the woman falls and say " i got it, i got it "

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