Best animal and wildlife rescues – Wildlife Aid

Best animal and wildlife rescues - Wildlife Aid
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A montage of our best rescues of 2014.

List of the rescues in the video:
Cygnet rescue – Simon beaten up by an angry swan :
Canada Goose Island rescue :
Baby Squirrel stuck in a chimney :
Baby fox completely tangled in football net :
Fox dangling from its tail :
Rescue of a Fox Cub with head stuck in a tin can :
Fox Trapped in a Net :
Fox Rescued from being Stuck in an Underground Sewer :
GoPro Cute Fox Cub Stuck in a Fence :
Adorable Fox Cub Stuck in a Chain Link Fence – GoPro :
These Cute Baby Foxes were Saved from being Strangled by a Goal Net :
Wild Fox gets Tangled Up on a Lawn Mower in a Shed! :
Funny Swan Rescue at Chelsea F.C. Training Ground :
Sparrowhawk gives wildlife rescuers a hard time! :
Magpie bites the hand of Simon Cowell! :
Tricky Muntjac Rescue :
Amazingly Quick GoPro Deer Rescue :
Swan with Fishing Tackle Caught on its Tongue :
Deer rescued from sure death :
Rescue of a Feisty Badger Cub stuck in a football net :
Goose closes down a motorway! :
Rescue of a deer stuck in the River Thames :
Deer rescue – Wildlife rescuers exhausted :
Cute baby Hedgehog stuck in a can! :
Guy ditches his football to save a fox! :
Tawny Owl trapped in a conservatory :
Trapped Fawn Gets Reunited With Her Mum! :

Music: – Royalty Free Music from Bensound


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Ever wanted to see the goings on behind the scenes at a Wildlife Rescue Centre? Well now you can! We have super cute hedgehogs eating their dinner, dramatic rescues of wild deer and everything in between. So click subscribe to keep up to date with our new videos uploaded weekly!


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  1. i know the animals can't understand that all they want to do is HELP them, but I still find myself thinking 'Calm down!! They're trying to help you, you animals!!!' x3 Great work yall do!!!

  2. Beautiful piece of heartbreaking rescues and releases then at the end we've got this goose just sitting in this lady's lap with elevator music I couldn't help but laugh. beautiful compilation!

  3. Thank you for all your hard work! It nice to see people that care about animals, rather than hurt them. We have a wonderful privilege to take care of them. Is there is a solution to animal cruelty? Please visit JW.ORG to learn more.

  4. that's the satisfaction of helping an animal is when you get to see them go because all your hard work made a difference maybe not to others but to that animal its everything, so keep doing what your doing and keep inspiring others and hopefully someday I can be just like you guys.??☺☺

  5. Hey, could you guys seriously answer a question for me? This same discussion happens in every video that involves a human saving a deer and it never gets resolved.

    What actually happens when you handle a fawn and release it? Is there any actual truth to the mother rejecting it because it smells like a human?

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