Woman Rescues Dog Who Ends Up Rescuing Her | The Dodo

Woman Rescues Dog Who Ends Up Rescuing Her | The Dodo
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Woman Rescues Dog Who Ends Up Rescuing Her | Proof that dogs rescue you right back. For more of Luci’s adventures, check her out on Instagram: http://thedo.do/lucithepitsky.

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  1. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the unconditional love of a dog. Especially children.
    It "wakes up" a vital part of a persons psyche in making someone "grounded and well rounded".

  2. I wish people more like dogs.
    Dogs don’t care that they’ve be abused by people in the past… you give them love and affection, you care for their needs, and the give you love and affection back in spades.
    Your dog don’t care if you were unfaithful and went out and gave your affection to another dog, as long as you come back and love them, that’s totally ok.
    If your mean to to your dog, it forgives you immediately you top being mean and start being nice… (that’s not a green light to be mean… I’m just saying).
    All a dog wants is food, drink, shelter and time, with you… shame more people aren’t like that.
    My boy and girl dog, (and most others I suspect), are brilliant judges of character… if my guys like you, your probably an good sort of person & thus, all right with me… if my guys don’t like you, watch out, I’m watching you scumbag! (Sorry ‘bout the aggression, I just don’t like or trust anyone my dogs don’t like).
    I like you lady… my dogs would too, I’m sure.

  3. You know why your dad started bonding with you more, Sweetheart?? Because you had learned to become MORE RESPONSIBLE in your life, your dad saw that. I have an Asian friend & i can get the story

  4. I watch alot of these wonderful things, some standout just a little more like this. I hope that this trifecta of Love moves and moves forward.

  5. Please don’t call them “kill shelters” it makes them sound bad when really they’re not. We should promote them so people adopt from them and they won’t HAVE to kill any animals!

  6. I had never really liked the look of septum ring (it had always reminded me of the nose ring you'd use on farm animals like bulls), but wow, it looks amazing on her. So elegant and yet different. Now I want to get one of my own.

  7. Beautiful story! I was going through a similar situation and our pitbull we adopted changed my life in so many amazing ways! I'd be on the floor crying and she'd lick my face until I got up 🙂 they are such an amazing example of uncontional love!

  8. Wow, listening to her story, I can 100% relate, alone, lonely not too many friends, family around, finding it hard to leave the house, even contemplating ending life, and BOOM Dusty Doggy Dog found me, almost like he dropped straight from Heaven and placed exactly where he needed to be to find me!!! Much love to you both so happy:)))

  9. i have a similar dog and got her also when i was going trough ruff time..also alone.. My dogs name is Hope. she is mixture of Labrador and Pitbull, full black colour with white mark on chest and few white fingers. she is also a rescue dog and living 6 years now with me!

  10. Dogs can feel your energy. If you’re feeling sad, they try their best to make you feel better. If you are scared, they try their best to protect you. ❤️❤️ they are the greatest animals on earth.

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