Rescue Dogs Get Dressed Up For Adoption: CUTE AS FLUFF

Rescue Dogs Get Dressed Up For Adoption: CUTE AS FLUFF
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THESE adorable canine portraits will make any dog lover’s day – and they’re helping to get sheltered pups adopted at the same time. Kind-hearted photographer Tammy Swarek came up with the idea of dressing up rescue dogs to draw attention to their stories and help potential owners personally connect with them. Tammy, from Arkansas, drew her inspiration from Facebook after spotting another portrait project for sheltered animals. So she contacted her local dog shelter, the Union County Animal Protection Society (UCAPS) and has worked closely with shelter manager Tanja Jackson ever since. To make a donation to UCAPS for their amazing work or to give an animal their forever home, visit:

Videographer / director: Tammy Swarek
Producer: Crystal Chung, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Jack Stevens

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  1. This needs to be done everywhere. It's not torture or toys, it's a photo shoot for the animals adoption picture. Not only that but the one on one time is better than sitting in a cage all day.. PLUS when people look to adopt an animal they are more likely to pick a dog with 2 eyes over a dog with one that had a really bad infection before it went up for adoption, if you go look at shelter pictures of animals they all look sad & sick.. This photo shoot is good for them, they get adopted quick & get to enjoy the rest of their lives after being treated so horribly before the shelter. They also get handled instead of stuffed in a cage until someone decides to adopt them.. Which usually never happens to animals that have disabilities because of a cruel past life. They all look cute & HAPPY in these pictures.

  2. That lady needs to get real. Shelter dogs are no different from purebred dogs. They might not come with a family tree and health testing, but they come from SOMEWHERE. People bred them and just didn't want to take responsibility. The photographer is genius, but the idea that shelter dogs get overlooked because they lack a pedigree is ridiculous. They're usually overlooked because of behavioral issues caused by some trauma in their lives.

  3. im a rescue mom, so i love adoptong dogs from shelters, but, pet store dogs need homes too. They r the same as shelter dogs, and some of them have it much worse than shelter dogs. I say, if u love a dog (or any animal) adopt it. Cuz no matter if its from a pet store or a pound, it still needs a home. I do agree with u about adopting from breeders tho

  4. I live in finland and we have no homeless dogs here, if we had thats where i would always get my dog from 🙂 i would pick the dog that has been in the shelter the longest, regardless of the breed 🙂

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