Mouthwatering Meals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Nasi Lemak | The Food Ranger

Mouthwatering Meals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Nasi Lemak | The Food Ranger
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Nasi Lemak is the national dish of Malaysia, and for good reason!
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This bold dish is bursting with flavour and can be found at hawker stalls and restaurants throughout the country. The dish consists of rice cooked in coconut milk with sambal sauce, anchovies, peanuts, and a boild egg. Chicken with curry sauce is also added. This meal is beyond delicious!

The hawker stalls in this video were found in the Setapak area of Kuala Lumpur, a short taxi ride from Wangsa Maju LRT station.

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  1. I live in Malaysia since 2014, and i have eat all of Malaysian cuisine if it is made by Malay and people i m not come around any of Chinese restaurant because of i am Muslim!.

  2. Hallo Semua, saya dari indonesia, indonesia punya nasi lemak juga loh…pada intinya nasi lemak adalah campuran dari beras dan santan kelapa…diindonesia didaerah sumatra dan kalimantan penyebutannya sama yaitu nasi lemak juga…tapi yg unik diindonesia ada juga nasi lemak didaerah pulau jawa yaitu didaerah jakarta atau etnis jakarta ( betawi ) tapi penyebutan namanya nasi uduk…jadi jangan kaget kalau ada nasi lemak dijakarta…dan ini real produk indonesia nama beda dan penyajian atau isi topingnyapun beda…nasi uduk penyajiannya sangat sederhana..1. nasi 2. telur dadar yg diiris2 3. Irisan timun 4. Emping .. 5. Bawang goreng 6. Sambal kacang…sudah itu aja…dan biasanya ada tambahan lauk tapi gak wajib…jaman dulu sih…cuma semur tahu dan semur jengkol atau semur daging….tapi sekang ada tempe dipedaskan.

  3. Im a chinese and i dont eat nasi lemak at chinese shops. The spiciness level and the umami-ness is just not there. For me it has to be wrapped in banana leaf freshly made by the roadside stall by some makcik

  4. Ohh. I miss Malaysia so much. Ive been to Malaysia about 8 months. I love their sauce. Wonderful country wonderful culture.

  5. Trevor james..maybe you should try malay uncle nasi lemak which located nearby setapak.. ayer panas morning market.pretty awesome.. is a street food. Btw, rm8.00 nasi lemak is very cheap.

  6. Guys..Im malay n quite few time i try Chinese nasi lemak n taste so good la.Y make an argument .indian Chinese malay we shared our food and culture long time d.

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