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FISH EGGS RECIPE By Country foods


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  1. In north indian,we call this 'bedi'.It's a fine delicacy! This recipe is sooo authentic! I really missed seeing our lovely granny!lots of love to her,hope shez okay…

  2. I have learnt enough English…but can't have a constructed argument with an imbecile like u….thanks for teaching me English…. thanks for ur adjective….imbecile…

  3. Then u don't know English ma'am hasn't he said about the cameras used About the SUV they I am fully Assured that ur that imbecile ur r tAlking about.u have recognised urself least I had the decency not use such adjectives as u have…but now u have taught me what to use….U imbecile….I restrict to that…..awaiting Ur further adjectives ma'am ….

  4. I wana unsubscribe from this channel as i think granny is no more (i hope and wish i am wrong) bt i am nt doing that she must b unwell and can come bak on chanel again anytime.. just this benefit of doubt making me stay on this channel else i wud have been unsub long bak.. these idiots guys just wana eat money using granny’s fame… i read so many comments where ppl asking abt granny bt these loosers are so stubborn that they aint opening their mouth to tell the truth.. say smthng dude…

  5. Riquisimo como siempre. Pero creo que la india pronto enfrentara un problema con su demografia tan desequilibrada pues veo puro hombre y pocas mujeres

  6. I know Grannies family is saying she's resting, but it has been several weeks since we last saw a glimpse of her. Is she okay? I rewatched the videos and everyone seemed sad in several of the proceeding videos and now people are smiling and acting as though everything is fine. I love watching the Granddaughter cook too but even if Grandma just sat near while you cooked would be enough. Many of her fans are getting suspicious

  7. Guys, Sad to inform you that Granny has passed away a month back. She fell sick after eating all the unhygienic food. RIP granny, you will be missed..

  8. Dear ammu George….ur poor people…..earn around 350 USD per day less 45 percentage …their earnings are around 200 USD …taking the lowest exchg rate it is 12000 rupees per day .12000×30 days is equal to 360000. Per mth. This is conservative is definitely more than this if actual are take……so don't call these people poor….with this money basic cleanliness can be maintained…so see how rich ur poor people are…….no poor person who has to eke out his living will find time to do these videos….so live in the actual world….n not an imaginery world…..

  9. I think something bad has happen to granny and he is not informing us if anything like this please let us know by make video on her even if she is not well just show that enough

  10. We miss granny….but I know she is old and need her rest…especially during summer. The hot weather isn't too good..hope she is ok and regards to her…tell her we missed her….

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