Potbelly Pig Cooked 7 Ways – Traditional cooking with Red Dao Family in Ta Phin Village, Vietnam!

Potbelly Pig Cooked 7 Ways - Traditional cooking with Red Dao Family in Ta Phin Village, Vietnam!
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  1. Im from India states of NAGALAND….. It's wonder to see how similarities our people and north-vietnamess resemble right from house construction, stair made of tree trunk, food habit, facial-look, environment,etc

  2. Always wanted to travel, see the cultures of the world and try the food, but not likely ever having that option makes videos like these the acceptable and enjoyable alternative. You're a good host. subscribed

    The family seems nice, and May is an absolutely adorable and beautiful person. Much love to them all.

  3. You definitely have the best food review chanel, super humble, super respecful to the cultures, and this video is beautiful

  4. vietnam is the best place in the world. especially when it comes to food. beautfiul people beautiful culture. love them

  5. " Wow" Mark u make me want to start cooking all over again, I stop cooking since my 4 girls grew up & moved out, life of their own, which is ok.?it's just me and grampa & he missed my cooking periodically..?

  6. Thanks for making this kind of beautiful videos.i enjoyed lots watching your shows and I love the way you make funs with everyone upload more and have a good life. ?

  7. I loved this episode. What a beautiful life and family. Then they party like rock stars and welcome Jim Bo like a special guest.

  8. REALLY enjoyed this episode. What a respectful look into the lives and culture of a remarkable people. Also nice to turn it up a bit with the rice wine and bong lol.

  9. I'm from India (assam).. we are Tai ahom people..
    Vietnam culture/ food/ tradition is kind of similar to Indian (north-east)Tai people.

  10. Right now I'm kind of jealous seriously sir from the core of my heart I wish you both together would make a perfect couple

  11. I thought vedio is of Nagaland northeast part of india its so confusing.All same as my place Arunachal pradesh…. or we can say northeast states of india.this vedio is making me emotional we're so same but so far. I wish they could know about us.

  12. I always enjoy your videos! Funny and fun all the time. I am still in the process of watching all your videos. Just finished your India adventure.

  13. She said she was 19 years old and it was too late to get married. Lol!!!!. Im 22 (im speechless!!! im find man??). Hope you see this comment kkkk

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