Laotian Food Tour – POOP FISH CHILI DIP and Khao Soi in Luang Prabang, Laos!

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NOTE: “Jaew Kee Pa” – the best dish of the day, literally translates to “Chili Poop Fish.” However, I don’t think there’s any poop in the dip, but it mostly consisted of fish eggs. The name however, is true, and it’s the dish the owner told us, “if you haven’t eaten it, YOU haven’t been to Luang Prabang yet.”

We set off in the morning to have an ultimate one day in Luang Prabang – and it turned out to indeed be one of the best days of our time in the city. Luang Prabang is a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage city, full of culture, natural beauty and delicious food.

In this Luang Prabang food and travel guide video you’ll find all the best Lao food and things to do, that we did in this one singe fantastic day. You can see all the details in this blog post to:

Mount Phousi – Right in the heart of Luang Prabang is Mount Phousi, and it’s one of the best places to get an birds eye view of Luang Prabang, especially at sunrise. We headed off at about 6 am. Price – 10,000 LAK ($1.20)

Pho / Khao Soi Wat Sen – One of the ultimate Lao dishes to eat when you’re in Luang Prabang is khao soi, a noodle dish of wonders that’s one of the most soothing breakfast options. Just across the street from Wat Sen, or Wat Sene temple, is a local spot that’s known to serve some of the best khao soi in the city. Khao soi – 20,000 LAK ($2.39)

Saffron Coffee – There’s no better place to drink a cup of coffee in Luang Prabang than Saffron. Not only is their coffee amazing, but they source all local Luang Prabang beans from sustainable sources, normally local families that grow the beans.
Americano large – 20,000 LAK ($2.39)

Sai oua – 5,000 LAK ($0.60) per piece – Not a day goes by in Luang Prabang, Laos, that we didn’t have some sai oua, the Laotian version of an herb sausage. Her version is indeed one of the best I’ve ever had in my life.

Som Tam – Papaya Salad Restaurant – Right in the old heritage center of Luang Prabang old town is this Lao papaya salad restaurant. You’ll find a full menu of different pounded Lao foods, all of which are pretty good. Her green papaya salad was a little on the sweeter side, but her dried meats were phenomenal.
Total price- 155,000 LAK ($18.53)

Soop pak – with cashew tree leaves – Additionally, across the street we found an Aunty who was cooking soop pak, a Lao dish, this time with cashew tree leaves. It was the highlight of the meal.

Wat Xieng Thong – 20,000 LAK ($2.39) – One of the top temples to visit in Luang Prabang is Wat Xieng Thong, one of the most important temples in Laos. It’s well worth a visit, and it’s located at the end of the Luang Prabang peninsula.

Xieng Thong Phonsavahn Restaurant – This was not only the greatest meal of the day, but this was one of the best Lao food meals I had in all of Luang Prabang. It’s a gem of a restaurant, located right along the Mekong river. You’ll find Mekong river fish mixed into salads like koi pa, and a dish called jaew kee pa – a mix of chilies and fish eggs to eat with sticky rice. The owner told us, if you haven’t eaten jaew kee pa, “you haven’t been to Luang Prabang yet.” And he was so right!
Total price – 210,000 LAK ($25.10)

Luang Prabang Night Market – One of the top things to do in Luang Prabang as written everywhere is walk around the Luang Prabang night market. I have to say, it’s a great place to walk around, and the shakes are always good.
Shake – 15,000 LAK ($1.79)

This was an ultimate Lao food and things to do tour in Luang Prabang. You can see the full itinerary here:

Thank you for watching!

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