Eating A Healthy, Non-Oily Meal in China

Eating A Healthy, Non-Oily Meal in China
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Sometimes you just crave a healthy Chinese meal and you don’t know where to go.
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In this episode I introduce one of my go-to healthy meal locations in Chengdu where you can have a non-oily, vegetable full meal for very cheap. There is definitely a ton of healthy Chinese food to eat in China that won’t leave you feeling too greasy, and in this episode I introduce one of my faves!

If you’re looking for the location, you can find it directly opposite of the third south gate at the Southwest University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu.

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  1. too much sexual context…think trevor might be having hormone issues in this video" get it real wet…its so juicy; its the male they add so much juice inside it explodes in your mouth"…lols SICK

  2. Holy cow!!! The fire that those burners produce is quite impressive!!! It's like a blowtorch!!! Those dumplings do look delicious! Noticed that a lot of juice squirted out when Mr. James bit into it! Good stuff!

  3. I thought finally an episode where half the dish is not chili oil then he goes for a bowl of chili oil to dip the dumplings in

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