Animals Jumping Off Shit With Piano Man On

Animals Jumping Off Shit With Piano Man On
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(Compilation) my Story /
Lads, lady’s, I was once very very sad.
But then, some light was shown to me.
It gave me peace and perspective inside of me.
The light was only a bit, not enough to cure my flaws.
So i started to wonder, and began a journey to find more of the light.
Of all of the light i found, only a handful were bright enough.
Of these few i made a compilation.
So that i can cure my own depression,
And mayby even cure yours.



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About the Author: Corned Man


  1. The first one physically hurt my stomach I damn near passed out from laughing ?? why was it that high in the first place I seriously thought it was gonna learn how to fly but he kept falling?????????

  2. plot twist: cat used clonejutsu and faked his death so the cat can save the world without getting crowded.

    but srsly though i feel sorry about the cat ;(

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