Daily Dashcam Fails and Road Rage 2018 August #838

Daily Dashcam Fails and Road Rage 2018 August #838
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Daily Dashcam Fails and Road Rage 2018 August #838 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 0:48 a driver paying attention to the road ahead of them would be able to see the oncoming vehicle so I'm going to have to say the that not only was one motorist on the wrong side of the road, the other wasn't even looking at it.

  2. If I just keep going I prooobably wont hit that car. Not very hard anyways. Flip over once or twice max.

  3. I wonder who was found at fault for the T-Bone at 3:58. My guess is it was probably the guy on the highway, because he was almost certainly going well above the speed limit; there was no feasible way the other person could have seen in him in time.

  4. (@11:00) Driver: Did you see if those grade crossing lights were flashing?
    Passenger: No, back up, and I’ll check.
    Driver: Okay (backs up slowly)
    Passenger: Yep, they’re flashing!
    Driver: Okay, thought so (guns it) Vrrrooomm >Kerunch!<
    Passenger: Blyat! Any more bright ideas, dumbass?

  5. 3:30 Poor guy! He took that door frame of that minivan to the face and probably got knocked… along with some of his teeth getting knocked out. Ouch! Didn't even see that dump truck coming.

  6. If idiot Trump ever starts a war with the Russians- all they have to do is get them to drive into Moscow. Not one of them will make it.

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