BEST LECHON in Cebu + SISIG that will make your grandma cry | Where to eat in Cebu City

BEST LECHON in Cebu + SISIG that will make your grandma cry | Where to eat in Cebu City
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About This Episode:
Today is all about the most famous dish in all of Cebu, lechon. I visit Rico’s Lechon taking a tour with the bossman himself. Rico shows me how to stuff a pig, how they’re roasted up and finally, and most importantly, how to eat this plate of yum. While at Rico’s we also try out their famous Sisig and damn…I have seen the light. Like a junkie who’s turned to jesus, I am born again with a taste of pig face. That makes sense, right? Hit up Rico’s for a taste explosion.

Rico’s Lechon:

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  1. Sisig is the best pork dish according to Anthony Bourdain.. But its true.. Sisig is the best, especially when it comes with runny eggs and mayonnaise.. Yum!

  2. rico lechon is a failure , other cebu lechon procedure is they pierce bloated skin so it wouldn't blow, the reason is it makes the skin crispier

  3. You take me places I have never been before… you make it possible for me to enjoy your moments of happiness… as much as I would love to visit these places, it is not possible for me. I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share all of this with you… Thank you Sonny… you make my life something better than without you.

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