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  1. Your sister was getting her pussy ass beating that's what I would do to yell fat ugly ass bitch I hope her family comes and kills you because you already know they're about that life because y'all stay it in the video

  2. That's how you know you hoes ain't got no respect in the projects motherfukers would never come to my family's house to even shoot the fair one so no cops would be involved let alone you and your people pull up to our house you would all be dead and that's what all y'all need to start doing killing motherfukers who come disrespecting your home

  3. Them petty ass black fat back ass hoes the gril with the black and brown got off myesha friend had to help with they rachet dirty fat asses couldn't fight 1 on 1

  4. Yes I agree need to get together and start a business and positive things but on real what they do n is sucqaah? call her out while babies home she have every right to thump wit em. Bleach thats all purpose dont watste that!

  5. Bring that ho outside.. But get my baby ? smh.. The first thing I noticed is there is no man around.. These ladies are doing everything except acting like ladies.. Throwing bleach in someone face is a felony but if she goes to jail for assault and can't get a job as a result she would blame the whole world for her action.. I am sick of seeing this we have to make better decisions in life???

  6. Pussy ass fat bitches , gotta jump somebody Cos they can’t fight one on one , typical of fat , ugly ass sloth looking Bitches that travel in packs – and typically only at night . ??????????

  7. Why say something about don't fight in front the kids or whatever this girl got a baby on her hip while the ass fighting dump ass Hood bitches this bitch ass girls wanna jump but wanna jump bitches n shit can't even fight if you jump.

  8. As usual, either jealousy, he say/ she say &/or some brotha! It's one of those three reasons why sistas out here fighting!

  9. They all look like they ain't wash they ass and they all weak asf for jumping. I'm a bias to guns but when I see jumping makes me wanna shoot the opponent and the jumpers oh well looks like your family finna be wearing your face on a t-shirt for being a follower instead of a leader.

  10. This is the reason why we don't stick together as a people we always fighting and Envy each other is when we stick together as a people that we can accomplish a lot of things

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