Rescuing a screech owl tangled in fishing line, New Jersey – 09/06/2015

Rescuing a screech owl tangled in fishing line, New Jersey - 09/06/2015
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I was fishing in the woods when I heard the loud crying for help. It was a cute screech owl tangled in fishing line attached to a tree, so it was swinging like a pendulum pivoted to the branch. It took a while to get him free of the line but I think in the end he was fine. He flew across the lake without any problems.

This just goes to show how important it is to leave no trash behind when fishing, or doing any other outdoors activity. Always carry a trash bag with you, or at least put the extra line/garbage in your pockets or socks. Feel responsible for line that’s tangled in the tree branches and try to clean them up as much as possible (I know it is not entirely possible sometimes)

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  1. Since it flew its wing should be okay. Probably sore. Looked like it was the flight feathers were damaged. After a molt it should be okay. Thanks for stopping to help it.

  2. Awwww poor owl! This man is such a kindhearted person, such a heart warming video. I feel so bad for this poor owl, it broke my heart when he was screaming. God bless this man and his family and God bless the poor owl that had a broken wing.

  3. I love people that save a animals and birds especially. I'm one of those people because the other they I four d a bird on the footpath with a broken wing while I was cycling so I brought it to a vetinary clinic.And they took care of him

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