Our Family Pet Is A Six Foot Croc | BEAST BUDDIES

Our Family Pet Is A Six Foot Croc | BEAST BUDDIES
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IN A small pool of water in an Indonesian back yard, lives Kojek the crocodile. Kojek spends his days in a small channel of water at the back of Irwan’s garden. The family’s washing hangs right next to it and Irwan’s three children are free to play ballgames on the turquoise-green ceramic tiles parallel to the croc. Because he’s been with the same family for 20 years, Kojek, according to Irwan, poses no threat to humans. In the whole time he’s lived with Irwan, there have been no accidents or injuries – to humans at least.

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Videographer / director: Jefta Images
Producer: Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. Was very nice of the man to buy him to keep them from killing him. However, I don't think the poor croc is all that happy—–
    What a tiny 'pool', etc.

  2. I think that croc knows it's got a good thing going on in life, I've seen a few stories like this when someone saved a crocodile's life & the croc showed gratitude & acceptance. Still, always show respect no matter how comfortable you are around them tho.

  3. I know they are trying to be kind and love him but it is entirely against nature. He needs to be free as all wild animals should be. He's fat and happy but but he should be free and healthy…..

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