Jakarta Street Food Tour! GOD LEVEL Martabak and Jakarta's BEST Street Food!

Jakarta Street Food Tour! GOD LEVEL Martabak and Jakarta's BEST Street Food!
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Quiapo Market in Manila! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HcznRJDocE

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Location: Sabang Market
Food 1:
Nasi Goreng Gila ( Crazy Spicy Fried Rice)
Price: 25.000Rp

Food 2:
Mie Goreng Special (Spicy noodels)
Price: 25.000Rp

Food 3:
Fried Grouse
Price: 50.000Rp/10 pieces.

Food 4:
Chicken/chicken skin/chicken egg yolk sate
Price: 25.000Rp/9 skewers

Food 5:
Martabak Telor: (Egg pancake)
Price: 50.000Rp

Food 6:
Martabak Manis: (Cheese choco pancake)
Price: 25.000Rp

Food 7:
Es sop duren: ( Durian Sweet Soup)
Price: 20.000Rp

Food 8:
Price: 40.000Rp

Food 9:
Gudeg (mixed rice dish)
Price: 38.000Rp

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  1. Also i recomend going to Bali with not exotic dessert but I really recommend buy some chips on pepito express or market or the coco mart or express it have even coconut chips

  2. Klo punya gigi berlubang hati2 kalo makan mpe2.cukanya bakal bikin gigi lu nyut2an(asli pengalaman??)tapi dasar bandel kalo dah ketemu mpe2 palembang asli ga bisa nolak dan besoknya ga bisa makan krn asli sakit banget??

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