Friendly Indonesian Street Food: Nasi Gule Solo

Friendly Indonesian Street Food: Nasi Gule Solo
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One of my favorite things about eating street food is not only the food itself and tasting new dishes, but the way you get to interact and relate to those who serve the food, and also those who are also eating.

When I was in Jakarta on morning, walking around the Gandaria area, my wife and I saw a friendly street food stall serving Nasi Gule Solo, and we didn’t have plans, but we decided to stop in to try whatever he was serving. The man serving was very friendly, as were the others enjoying their nasi gule.

Eating Indonesian street food is about the food, but it’s also about the interaction and the ambiance.

Nasi Gule Solo
Somewhere in Gandaria, Jakarta
Total price for bowl or gule and rice – 12,000 IDR ($0.90)


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  1. Mark, you should come to Surabaya, so many delicious foods to taste. Rujak Cingur, Rawon (black soup), Bebek Sinjay (Madura dish ), Sambal Bu Rudy (the best sambal bawang-garlic chili , very spicy ). ☺️☺️

  2. Kind of my fav food since high school. The taste is never changes and the hospitality very perfect! Double thumbs up for this food

  3. gw suka nih ama pedagang yang sama ratain harga gak pandang siapa yang beli… daripada pedagang2 yang getok harga karna liat yang beli bawa mobil ato orang asing

  4. Javanese Best Food, if you Visit Indonesia again, for taste this food just came to "SATE KAMBING H. GIYO" The Gulai, The Tongseng, The Satay is very goodness

  5. Termasuk murah gule kambing nasi teh anget dapat krupuk untuk makanan di jakarta murah, semoga rejeki bapak jualan lancar berkah

  6. Mark,every time I watch you eat, I become lurking and hungry, this video can be used as a therapeutic ingredient for those who lack appetite, hahahaa

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