Eating A Plump Imported Thai Durian in Chengdu | My Weekly Addiction

Eating A Plump Imported Thai Durian in Chengdu | My Weekly Addiction
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It’s hard to find quality, mind-blowing Durian in China. It’s because it’s all exported from Malaysia and Thailand and you’re never sure if it’s prime quality or just medium grade. The store featured in this video usually has kept me satisfied with “Golden Pillow” variety, but today, something else happened.

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I come to this store every week, splurge on a fat $20 durian, then put it in my bike basket and go to a local tea drinking spot on the sidewalk and chow down with a cup of tea. I usually get so full that I can’t eat dinner. The durian burps that come afterwards and even onto the next morning are a reminder of how much durian I ate.

However, this time, something went wrong. I bought a nice plump durian from my favourite fruit vendor who always gifts me things because I’m a repeat customer who buys the most expensive fruit in the store. I was ready to chow into that soft, smooth, creamy and heavenly durian, but discovered something that really saddened me, the durian wasn’t that soft! The first few bites are always a little more satisfying, it’s like taking that first breath of air after holding your breath for a while, it’s good, but you soon become more picky about it, you want better, cleaner air, or in this case, softer and stickier and creamier durian.

It’s not the season. November is coming up in Chengdu, and prime durian is hard to get. Summer is better. Although I was out on the street yesterday and just so luckily found some “Maoshanwang” Fox king durian that was so rare and so prime, in hindsight I should have filmed the video there, but those finds are really rare and I was lucky to find that durian when I did. But in general, I consider myself happy that I can chow down on durian whenever I feel like it, even if on the odd occasion I strike out and eat some lower quality stuff.

I could talk and write about durian forever. If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest trying it as soon as you can, but make sure you get a good first impression of durian, buy a fat maoshanwang variety in Penang or Kuala Lumpur, the imported frozen stuff you get in America is questionable, or so I’ve heard!

If you want to go to this exact shop, go to the north gate of the Southwest university of finance and economics, cross the street, walk half a block, and it will be on your left. You will love the fruit selection.

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I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I’m going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I’m going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you!

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  1. Hey Trevor, don’t eat durians every day or even every week. If you do, you will have breathing problems. It’s a well-known fact in Thailand that durians are extremely bad for your health!
    P.S. Durians used to be really cheap in Thailand; about $2/kg. Nowadays, they’re averaging like $20-$30/kg for normal ones, and premium ones go for hundreds of USD per kg, because Chinese people recently discovered their hidden love for durians and are buying up all the durians in Thailand! ?

  2. Never get ones that are open
    She gave you a bad one cuz she thought you didn’t know anything about durian
    But if you see the ones with rubber bands at the tip that is to seal the pods while also keeping the durian ripe

  3. I am a Chinese learner ,so hearing your conversation with others helps me more in grasping the language. Thankyou so much. Though I am a pure vegetarian but I love the videos.

  4. 2:08 Here's what she said : 你这话说的,你说的话我一句话都没听懂过! :-) When you truly understand those accent , your chinese skill will reach a whole new lecel ! x)

  5. Durian I've found in the stores, come only in giant size, never the size James got. I thought it an acquired taste and it is very good. I love Jackfruit too!

  6. A good durian is not supposed to be opened like that. Once a durian is opened naturally like that beforehand, it's value is down. In Malaysia, it's a devalued durian. People in Malaysia would never pay for these durian without discounts. Musang king from Malaysia is the thickest, creamiest and sweetest durian ever with a price tag to go with it.

  7. Overpriced for a half riped Thai durian. For that price, you can easily buy at least 5 Thai durians in Malaysia. Stick to Malaysia durian, Trevor, where you get the real deal and value for money.

  8. The durian still looks pretty good and I am also very addicted to it but sadly I can only buy frozen one here in Australia

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