Close Calls! People Who Cheated Death

Close Calls! People Who Cheated Death
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close calls people who cheated death. Some of the luckiest people alive in this video. Many of these could have easily been fatal scenarios! Somehow they managed to cheat death and make it out unscathed though! Lucky people, near misses, people cheating or avoiding death, close calls, lucky survivors, you name it. New videos that you most likely haven’t seen before! Took me a while to find new stuff that isn’t all over youtube! I did include some old ones though just because they are so epic! 😀 And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations!


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  1. Stupid girl crossing the street. if ya dont look at the death machine coming at ya it wont hurt you seems to be her strategy.

  2. some of these could have been prevented, like a major one was people crossing the street without looking both ways first, did they stop teaching that in pre-k and 1-2nd grade? those kids were lucky to get away with only minor bruises.

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