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  1. Been a subscriber for a while now and I decided to watch your videos from the beginning. You definitely made it! Congratulations on your 2 million subs!

  2. Going back to this video and looking at how you began the journey, well done Sunny! You're famous! And more importantly, you have created THE BEST EVER FOOD REVIEW SHOW, for me atleast. Love your style. Cheers brother.

  3. So I started with some of your later videos and came back to watch all your earlier ones. I really enjoyed the early ones but LOVE that you chose the new format. Hands down, you do have the best ever food review show. Kudos!

  4. So glad you are in the world! You have the best sense of humor! I've been a caregiver to my mom since she had her first stroke on my 16th birthday. Researching other countries and cultures has gotten me through some dark days. Thank you for sharing your day and letting me live vicariously through your videos until I can go, see, and explore the world for myself!

  5. …and look at you now! Just in the past 10 min, while i have been watching 5 of your earliest videos, that i somehow missed when i found you and started binge watching the fuck out of your videos several months ago, your sub count has gone from 490k to 491k!
    Such a cliché rise to stardom, no? =)
    I really enjoyed every single video and quite a lot of them i have been watching more than once.

    ….but now you will become a tv celebrity and will forget all about me, and i will be slowly withering away all alone here on my couch and getting as fat as you once were…..i wish i was famous and loved by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world…..okay, something is wro….

  6. AFTER 2 YEARS SONY, YOU'RE CHANNEL HAS GROWN WAY BIG. AND IT'S EXPONENTIALLY GROWING! I'm proud of your patience and dedication, all your hard work from the very start paid off!!! I hope you see my comment.

    -from the Philippines

  7. Things that I love from your channel: your attitude, your humor, your vids is not that long, and the editing is getting better and better. You (and your crew) deserve 1 million subscriber, bro.

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