Operation Mayday Overview : Animal Rescue Corps

Operation Mayday Overview : Animal Rescue Corps
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Over Memorial Day weekend Animal Rescue Corps saved over 100 animals and recovered them from deplorable conditions in sites across TN. Responding to urgent calls from authorities with back to back rescue operations in cases of severe negligence and a fraudulent animal sanctuary, Animal Rescue Corps was able to put an end to the suffering of animals in need.

Client : Animal Rescue Corps
May Day Part I Footage Courtesy of : Joel Wilson
Cinematographer, Director, and Editor : Monica Waller
Music : Moby


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  1. This has encouraged me to become a foster home in my retirement years. What better way to retire? A lot of love and satisfaction finding forever homes.

  2. I truly love your organization to be able to rescuing all these poor dogs. Thank you so………..much and you all are the best !

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