10 BRUTAL Animal Fights Caught on Camera

10 BRUTAL Animal Fights Caught on Camera
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10 BRUTAL Animal Fights Caught on Camera

Wild Horse vs Alligator
Lion vs Cheetah
Tiger vs Buffalo
Cobra vs Mongoose
Python vs Alligator
Iguana vs Iguana
Wild Dogs vs Impala
Gorilla vs Gorilla
Buffalo vs Lion vs Crocodile
Shark vs Octopus

1. Horse vs alligator: This fight took place on a state preserve park in Florida. The alligator was taking a nap under the warm Florida sun when the wild horse sprung up and attacked. The alligator managed to snag a bite making the fight even.
2. Lion vs Cheetah: in this video, 2 big cats have a go at it. The cheetah had just attacked the young pf the lion leaving it no option but to retaliate. The cheetah tries to escape but is quickly caught and killed by the king of the jungle. (Should be king of the savanna’s)
3. Tiger vs Buffalo: You would assume that the most powerful animal in this Indian jungle would easily take down a buffalo but it’s no match for a gang of buffaloes. The tiger tries a sneak attack on a buffalo and is soon bombarded and chased by the whole gang
4. Cobra vs Mongoose: Theses deadly opponents battle out for the top spot on the food chain. The cobra attacks but is too slow for the mongoose as it easily dodges. The cobra finally takes a deep venomous bite on the snot of the mongoose crowning it the winner.
5. Python vs Alligator: In another struggle for the top of the food chain this python attacks a Floridian alligator. The alligator holds the python in its mouth while the python wraps itself around the alligator and begins to constrict it. The alligator soon releases its hold and is scared off by the victorious python.
6. Iguana vs Iguana: These 2 iguanas battle out to see who is more fit for a mate
7. Wild Dogs Vs Impala: 2 wild dogs chase a pregnant impala into the water on a south African reserve. The impala swims until its worn out and easily dragged out by the dogs. The dogs the consume the impala and her baby. Fluffy doesn’t seem so cute anymore does he?
8. Gorilla vs Gorilla: This zoo fight between 2 gorillas was caught by a spectator
9. Lion vs Crocodile vs Buffalo: In this gruesome battle, the lions successfully push the calf into the water separating it from its herd. A crocodile then sneaks in from the water, the calf’s leg and begins a tug of war with the lions for the calf. The calf is eventually rescued from the lions by its herd.
10. Shark vs Octopus: This tiny shark was peacefully searching for its next meal when the perfectly camouflaged octopus attacked. It wrapped its tentacles around the shark rendering it powerless.

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