Roasting Cashew Nuts in Krabi, Thailand

Roasting Cashew Nuts in Krabi, Thailand
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Krabi is known throughout Thailand for being one of the major producer of cashew nuts… and cashews happen to be one of my favorite snacks in the world. So when Ying and I were in Krabi the last time, we rented a car for a couple days, and I decided we needed to go get some cashew from the cashew factory.

From Krabi Town we drove to a small town called Neau Khlong (เหนือคลอง) and then went to a cashew nut roasting factory called Ma Taeng (มะแท็ง). They roasted the cashew nuts, right there, and they actually don’t just roast them lightly, but actually set them on fire, then extinguish them. Cashew nuts are from the cashew fruit, and the nuts come from the seeds of the fruit.

Once roasted and blackened, the outer crust is pounded off, revealing the beautiful cashew nut. It was pretty interesting to see the cashews being roasted on fire.

But definitely my favorite part of visiting Ma Taeng (มะแท็ง) was buying freshly roasted cashews, and then eating them on spot. They were so good and so fresh.

I visited this small cashew nut roastery, called Ma Taeng (มะแท็ง), near the small town of Neau Khlong (เหนือคลอง), about a 30 minute drive from Krabi Town.

Address: 53 Moo 1 Neau Khlong, Krabi 81130
Phone: 0-7563-6620


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  1. We roast cashews on our farm. Did you know the roasted shell exudes an caustic oil that can peel your skin off? That's why the women are wearing gloves.

  2. not to sound like a hater but i don't think cashew nuts warranted the same expression as any other complex tasting dishes you had before

    i mean it's just nuts

    no more no less

  3. We can't have cashews in our house as my husband and son devour them within the hour, I bet they would love to be where you are right now lol.

  4. Mark, you failed to mention that the cashew nut in its natural form is enclosed in an outer shell which contains a very poisonous substance that must not come in contact with human skin. It is similar to the resinous oil in poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac, and will cause extreme contact dermatitis. Even the smoke from the cashew roasting process is dangerous. I have eaten many cashew apples. They are available in frozen form here in our area where there are Mexican food stores, and in Spanish are called maranon. They are very juicy, sweet, and fibrous, but they have a peculiar odor that you have to accustom yourself to. I like them frozen and eaten like a popsicle, using the attached nutshell as a handle. They are found in a reddish blush color, and plain yellow. I find the yellow ones sweeter.

  5. Cashews really are, at least to me, the best nut. The creaminess, sweetness, the crunch. In Trinidad, we used to roast it over open fire, watch out for the crackling, bubbling hot oil coming off the nut shells, those were the best, no need for salt or other additives.

  6. 2:41 should have been more careful, kids in Africa died to make that cashew and you just broke it because of your recklessness. you deserve to die~

  7. hello Mark.. I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, little country in Europe… But i am great fun of Asia food, especially of Thai food.. I fell in love with Thai dishes when i was in Thailand before 20 years.. Since then I have spent my time learning to cook Thai food.. I met some people from Thailand who taught me how to make some Thai dishes.. Now i have my own restaurant where i cook some of Thai food, among other things.. So, I would be thankful if you find some time to watch my videos and leave a comment or give me some suggestions about cooking.. Best regards !!!

  8. Mark, I am from Melaka, Malaysia. I hope you can come to my state in Melaka because people around the world want to see your face"s reactions when you eats "Buah Melaka"

  9. While i can handle your fake, exaggerated expression, but you need to learn some manner, specifically talking when you have a mouthful of food.

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