MYSTERIOUS Street Food in far off Da Lat, Vietnam! It's actually delicious! 😮

MYSTERIOUS Street Food in far off Da Lat, Vietnam! It's actually delicious! 😮
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Restaurant name : Bánh mì xíu mại Hồng
Foodname: Vietnamese meat ball with bread
Price: 12.000VND
Address: 10 Yersin street, Dalat city
Operation Hours: 06:00AM – 10:00AM

Restaurant name : Ốc nhồi thịt 33
Foodname: Snails stuffed with minced pork
Price: 120.000VND
Address: 41 Hai Bà Trưng street, Dalat city
Operation Hours: 09:00Am – 09:00PM

Restaurant name : Bánh ướt lòng gà Trang
Foodname: Steamed rice cake with chicken intestine
Price: 35.000VND
Address: 17 Tăng Bạt Hổ street, Dalat city
Operation Hours: 09:00AM – 02:00PM

Restaurant name : Bánh căn Nhà Chung
Foodname: Mini pancakes
Price: 30.000VND
Address: 12 Nhà Chung street, Dalat city
Operation Hours: 10:00AM – 09:00PM

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If you see any factual food errors in my video, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments.

I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.


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  1. I've watched this one several times now. The banh can quail egg would be a lot better for me than the deep fried ones with whole shrimp on them! They looked like little english muffin sandwiches. This nation seems to have a very very wide idea of "breakfast", but I have a lifetime of expecting to see an egg in there someplace! That looked really good, and also something I could make at home. I'll have to! The pan is easy to buy, no shortage of eggs. Here in FLorida, USA there's a little Vietnamese food but it's just the standards . We're glad to have THAT! Sometimes in say Orlando FL you might get some beautiful and mysterious surprises, pandan-flavored stuff, pickled pork, stinky shrimp sauce, transparent dumplings and lots of bouncy food in general. For the most part you have to watch videos and occasionally try to cook something yourself. Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Philadelphia all have more, but I don't live in any of those places!

  2. I've heard about embryonic eggs so many times! My relatives talking about chicken soup, back when you got the whole chicken. Also have heard hundreds of times that chicken soup is not really good unless you have the chicken feet, which were not available in stores for a generation or so for some reason. Now the chicken soup is more like a side dish, I think it used to be the whole meal. That all-animal soup sounds great, definitely seems like they had texture in mind.

  3. At 1:13 that is my house in the background. The banh mi shop is actually right next to our house. Al though I live in USA now it's cool to see my house on Youtube. XD. Btw the stairs that lead down to the ground is basically a apartment, underground xb. I also know the owner of the banh mi shop.

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