Mongoose bitten by Snake | Rescued | Animal Rescue India | GoPro

Mongoose bitten by Snake | Rescued | Animal Rescue India | GoPro
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we got a call for MONGOOSE rescue..
according to the call we analysed that the MONGOOSE was maybe unconscious . knowing that we rushed to the rescue location. with the forest department.
then we rescued the mongoose carefully without getting hurt.
then we saw 2 small wound on his jaw and on the forehead. the wound was due to the snake bite. immediately we rushed to government hospital veterinary hospital.
Dr. treated him with the necessary medication for the snake bite treatment.
and after one and a half day of personal care and medication he was back to being playful.
and then we released the Mongoose at the same place from where he was rescued..
happy ending.. ! 🙂

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thank you.. 🙂

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  1. Accha h mongoose ko bacha liya pr iski jagah saap ghyal hota nevle k hatho tab sab k sab video banate saap k Mar Jane tak tab koi insaniyat nhi deekhata tab sab maje lete saap ki takleef ka. Aisa hi premises saapo k liye dikhao

  2. Videos such as this one show that India cares about their animals. Most people in other parts of the world would have let the creature die. Thanks for posting.

    Is this usually the case in India?

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