Kok Sen Restaurant: One Of The Best Zi Char in Singapore

Kok Sen Restaurant: One Of The Best Zi Char in Singapore
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Kok Sen is a famous restaurant in Singapore, near Chinatown, that serves Cantonese styles dishes. In Singapore a restaurant that serves dishes which are cooked hot and fresh as soon as you order them, is known as zi char, and Kok Sen is a local favorite restaurant for this style of food. Growing up eating lots and lots of Cantonese Chinese food, this was a restaurant that I truly loved.

The menu at Kok Sen Restaurant is pretty extensive, and it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to order. Finally I had to get the stir fried beef with spring onion which actually exceeded my expectation, it was wonderful. The beef was tender, the green onions were perfectly wilted, and the flavor was salty and gingery. My wife and I also ordered sliced fish soup, which was plain but soothing. The fish was boneless and fresh tasting and again what I really loved was the use of ginger in the soup. Finally our last dish we ate was claypot yong tau foo, a mix of fish balls and meatballs and assorted vegetables all braised in a brown gravy sauce within a claypot. It was fantastic.

When it comes to comfort food for me, the zi char at Kok Sen Restaurant in Singapore is about as good as it gets.

Kok Sen Restaurant:
Address: 30 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore
Open hours: 11:30 am – 2 pm and 5 pm – 11 pm daily
How to get there: It’s a short walk from Outram Park MRT station

Total price – $34 SGD ($24.14 USD)


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  1. Hi Mark!
    Am not sure if u combine and upload 4-5 meals u had in a certain country from the past, perhaps the viewers would be able to see the variety of foods as what u r doing now khrub.
    Just a suggestion bcoz when u started blogging in Asia, u mainlu focus in 1 to 2 meals only khrub

  2. Mark don't get me wrong by i laugh hard every time you lean your body to your right when you enjoy the food you're eating.
    Great videos by the way.

  3. Hello, Mark
    Love everything you do. Every time i watch your videos i travel in time just enjoy the food and every meal you order, hope we can meet here in Boston Massachusetts you are more than welcome to visit. God bless your family, hi to ying and to Mika. Sorry don't know how to spell his name whichis a handsome boy. . Big thank you for bringing us closer to you on every video.. Thanks

  4. th fiss meat is from the snakehead fish which the clueless americans in parts of usa who arekilling off this species claiming thisspecies isendangeringtheeco system!

  5. I don't think Ying eats first..if the plates r full of food n the food is piping hot when mark tastes them..unless she eats from a different set of food…which is probably not true if they are sharing or eating frugally…he definitely eats first!

  6. watching this vid it makes me feel like running to straight to Chinatown & tell them cook make me the exactly dishes that you have njoying it…

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