WTF Moments Caught On Camera #671

WTF Moments Caught On Camera #671
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WTF Moments Caught On Camera #671 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Oh Russia I don't know what it is about you. But for whatever reason your car crashes are more entertaining than all others. Keep doing what you're doing.

  2. honestly though, why do so many god damn russians think its a grand idea to turn in a lane opposite of where their turning?
    Going to turn left? Ok, a smart individual would get into the left lane and turn. Not stop in the right lane and turn.

  3. Russian men's mentalities are of those of american in 1900-1940 areas…. very macho type or chauvinist type of attitudes. Some how very childish. Overall they drive very very very super fast.. they leave no room to themselve to decide wisely or react defendive to the situations…. worst than those… SUPER distracting LOUD music.

  4. Only the east block can make a ordinary road into a accident riddled area.BAD BAD DRIVERS THEM ALL.JUST WALK TO YOURE FRIENDS AND SHOPS

  5. i like that last one. lmfao lol. to think. she risked the chance of falling, just to tell the driver off. she got balls and really gives no fucks about the car! lol

  6. 4:45 okay okay I know this is way off topic and ridiculous, but I mean, that's a pickup truck and they are very rare in Russia…yeah

    Also on Google maps in Russia, I found a smashed car on a highway

    Also also, there's a pickup to the left at 6:04

  7. in russia do people just not fucking give a shit about anyone else or can they just not drive due to lack of skill or what cause its something you would think would get better over time but thats not the case

  8. If you live in Russia and you intentionally go to the DMV and purposely get a driver's license.. when your guaranteed to be killed in the inevitable car accident is it considered suicide?

  9. Most of the comments are about RUSSIAN drivers, but:

    0:35 definetely NOT Russia! They have traffic lights on the correct side of the intersection. There's only one country in the world where they are that stupid to place traffic lights BEHIND the intersection!

    2:31 In Russia they don't write "BUS ONLY" on the road!!

    3:01 Russian roads do not have YELLOW lines!!

    3:22 I don't know where this is, but it's not Russia! (Look at the fuel prices)

    5:16 Russian roads do not have YELLOW lines!!

    6:52 CHINA!!

    8:57 Traffic lights on the wrong side of the intersection!

    9:05 In Russia they drive on the RIGHT side of the road!

  10. Visiblement vu le nombre de videos sur eux c est plus dangereux de rouler en vouture en russie que de sauter d un avion sans parachute

  11. 2:14 I drive a big truck. I have rule to never back up more than I need to. This truck driver backed up way more than was necessary which caused him to hit the street pole.

  12. Hahaha russian driving fails are always a joy.

    Each time i see these brakeless bumpercars sliding around on the streets it reminds me of my childhood.
    You know, when i was riding my bike on ice, so slippery and fun.
    Then again, i grew out of it.

    Suicidal fucks.

  13. Russians are literally the worst drivers on earth, seconded by the Asians, closely followed by middle eastern fucks.

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