Udon Noodles & Unexpected Sake

Udon Noodles & Unexpected Sake
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Table of Contents in this Osaka food video:

00:26 Udon Meal at Sanshu (情熱うどん 讃州) – To begin the day we started with a meal at Sanshu (情熱うどん 讃州), an udon restaurant located near Nakatsu Subway station, not too far from Umeda. We arrived right before they opened, so we had to wait until they opened, and we were the first to enter. The menu was mostly in Japanese, but luckily they did have a few photos in their menu, which is what we used to order from. I got the curry udon noodles, and Ying ordered the cold udon noodles. After tasting both, I would have to say Ying made the best decision. Her cold udon noodles were so refreshing and tasted amazing. My curry udon noodles were also good, but not as good as here. Good way to start our day in Osaka, Japan.

5:25 Nakazakicho – After having lunch we decided to walk around an area of town called Nakazakicho, which is an old part of Osaka that is seeing a comeback with lots of small trendy shops and businesses. It’s a really pleasant area of Osaka to walk around with plenty of things to do and see, and there are some good restaurants in the area as well.

6:00 Lumps Coffee – They told me they named their coffee shop about lumps of sugar, but I saw the unique name, and I had to step in for a cup of drip coffee. The coffee was excellent, one of the best cups of coffee I had when I was in Japan. And they owners were very friendly as well.

7:25 Amerika-mura – After spending a few hours back at our apartment and getting some video editing done, we headed out for the night to an area called Amerika-mura, which is also known as Little America. The area is famous for its young nightlife and its Japanese modern culture. It’s kind of like the Harajuku area of Osaka. It was interesting to walk around, and we stopped at Koga-ryu Takoyaki, a famous stall in the area for takoyaki. The takoyaki was not the best we had, but it was alright.

8:45 Shokudo Diner (心斎橋食堂) – We continued walking onto Shinsaibashi, and after walking around for a while, we stopped at Shokudo Diner (心斎橋食堂) for a quick diner style Japanese food dinner. It was a cafeteria restaurant, so all the food was pre-cooked and you could grab whatever looked good and add it to your tray. The food was pretty good, and just home style dining in Osaka.

11:51 Izakaya at Nakazakicho walking street – I thought our day was over, but Dwight needed to return an umbrella he borrowed a few nights before, so we went to return it and they invited us in to eat some yakitori and we tried a cup of sake. Everyone at the bar was extremely friendly, and it was quite a fun local Japanese Osaka experience.


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  1. One of these days when you’re eating yings food and making your o face I want to see her hand come into the shot and slap ya right in the face! ???

  2. If Ying orders,YING takes the first bite for us YOU hold the camera…You can review yours 's … and Micah…hin too..if it's going to be ALL of you traveling…
    …… # familystyle

  3. Awww come on Mark! Why did you take TWO bites of Ying’s food before she got to? That really pissed me off. Bad enough that you took the first bite but TWO come on now! The dish wasn’t that large to begin with smh. Next time, just get your own so your wife can eat her full meal.

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