Thai Braised Pork: She Ordered The Whole Leg! – Bangkok Day 13

Thai Braised Pork: She Ordered The Whole Leg! - Bangkok Day 13
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00:28 Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters – Easily one of the best coffee shops in Bangkok is Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, which is located in between Phrom Phong and Thong Lo at Raintree center. To begin Day 13 of this Bangkok travel guide video series Ying and I first started at the coffee shop for a delicious cup of coffee. I also often buy my coffee beans there as well – so if you’re looking for fresh roasted coffee beans when you’re in Bangkok, Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters is a great place to go.

1:51 Chatrium Riverview Hotel (Riverview Room, I paid $111 per night) – We changed hotels after our cup of coffee, over to the Chao Phraya river for a view of the river for our last two nights in Bangkok. It’s a pretty nice hotel, and I think it’s good value for money. We had a great view of the river. After lunch we came back to the hotel to take a swim, and then we also had our complimentary drink at the hotel as well.

3:57 Charoen Saeng Silom (ร้านเจริญแสง สีลม) – After checking into Chatrium Riverview Hotel in Bangkok, we then headed out to a restaurant called Charoen Saeng Silom (ร้านเจริญแสง สีลม) to eat Thai braised pork leg – this is one of the most well known and popular places in Bangkok to eat Thai braised pork. While I was off taking some photos of the restaurant, I came back to the table and Ying had ordered the entire pork leg, known in Thai as kha moo (ขาหมู). We also ordered the kawki (ข้อกิ), which I think is the pork knuckle, but I’m not totally sure. It was delicious, and I’ll be writing about this Thai braised pork restaurant on shortly.

12:05 Khao Tom Pla Kimpo (ข้าวต้มปลาร้านกิมโป้) – After taking a swim and enjoying the Chatrium Riverview Hotel for a bit, we then headed to Khao Tom Pla Kimpo (ข้าวต้มปลาร้านกิมโป้), a rice soup and seafood restaurant for dinner. They do fish rice soup extremely well here, and normally they have a giant fish hanging about the street food cart – but today they just had some pompanos. The first bowl of rice soup I had was khao tom tuk yang (ข้าวต้มทุกอย่าง), rice soup with everything – including seafood and fish. We also ordered luak pla gao (ลวกปลาเก๋า), boiled brown marbled grouper served with sauce. That was so good that we had another bowl of luak pla kapong (ลวกปลากะพง), boiled barramundi fish.

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