Texas Horse Rescue – Warning Graphic Footage

Texas Horse Rescue - Warning Graphic Footage
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Forty three horses were rescued off a property in Lindale, Texas after authorities served the owner a seizure warrant. The Humane Society of the United States and other local animal agencies worked with law enforcement to remove the animals.


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  1. That place should be called Horse Hell….my god this is horrible. Those poor horses! Damn people make me sick. Ya'll are amazing for helping them. Great job!

  2. I’m a horse back rider and seeing this makes me want to cry that they don’t have cooling blankets, food, water, hoof picks, brushes, medicine all I can say is I’m so happy you wonderful people saved them

  3. Those poor horses I can't believe anybody could so that to them. I wish I could save animals for a living thank you all so much for what you have done for the animals you have saved in the past as well as those horses

  4. I think that everybody is touched by this, but it’s truly the equestrians who are the ones being hurt. I feel like I was sentenced to 500 internal lashes of the whip just watching this. The cruelty people give to animals, let alone equines is just horrific, disgusting, it’s just a bone hollowing to see that they do it with no hesitation whatsoever. It kills me inside, eats me up. I’ve been riding horses for 4 1/2 or 5 years, and don’t reply to me, ‘well I have so many horses and I’ve been riding for longer than that,’ or ‘well, you don’t know anything about equestrianship’ because I do. I know what it’s like to see horses abused, and trust me, it’s chilling. It makes you want to curl up and die. I’m being honest. Not rude. The hate people give to animals is truly, utterly, appalling. Why do people do this to such magnificent animals? Horse’s have been with mankind for hundreds upon hundreds of years, and yet, we take them for granted, kill them, leave their bones and flesh to rot and be eaten by the wolves. Herds are going extinct. Horses around the world are dying, being erased, being shut out and shut down. It’s sad and horrifying. People need to stop this nonsense and think for the animals for once. People need to stop being so full of themselves they don’t notice the real problem. Thank you if you read all the way through, my fingers extremely hurt now, have a good day/night.

  5. These people need an award for being awesome, caring strong and loving. It takes a lot to do this job, it's not really a job it's more of a lifestyle

  6. Ah, 134 DISLIKES. What exactly do y'all dislike? The animals, their terrible, heartbreaking suffering and dying? The HSUS for having the courage to post this, to create awareness? The volunteers who step up to assist? The active donors, like hubby and me? The staff of HSUS who routinely, 365, 24/7 put themselves on the line to rescue and remove animals in peril? Be ashamed for your dislike.. You probably aren't even donors either. Just self-righteous pikers. But… hey, be happy on your moral high ground!!

  7. Rowdy is my hero. He's in so many of the HSUS videos. Strong, gentle, does what's got to be done, kicks ass when needed. And always about the animals. We're on board, buddy. This one's tough to watch..

  8. Why would anyone buy a horse knowing they can’t afford to care for it if you know enough about them to buy one then you know how much it ales to care for these animals. Why would someone buy one horse when they can’t look after it let anyone let a herd grow to 50 horses. What is it with people and buying animals they know nothing about!

  9. This is terrible my fav animal getting abandoned like this!?

    I feel so bad for the pregnant mares and the foals. If you get horse it’s yours and you adopted
    it because the person that you bought it from wants good care for the animals.
    Animals have feelings other people that do this stuff! ???

  10. I wasn't even aware of the fact that there are homeless horses. Also tend to forget that graphic content doesn't mean blood and guts and I actually was a lot more shocked by what the video showed .~.

  11. These horses deserve better than to be neglected and treated like garbage.  How can anybody do this?  I can't understand those who abuse these beautiful animals and leave them to starve to death.  It makes me SICK.  And the people who abuse them are sick.  Thank God for ones like you who are there to help them.

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